What is SOTEF?

SLIDER-WhatIsWhere people can learn and grow not only as people but as spirits!

We are a group of earth centered individuals who come together to study the elements and the endless cycle of life. Spirits of the Earth is a gathering focusing on conservation, preservation, and creating a deeper relationship to divinity.

Our goal is to bring like-minded individuals together to form a sense of community. We welcome all who are of earth-based spirituality and other open-minded individuals to join us in a sacred space where communication of life, love and spirituality is available without fear or prejudice. We form a network to share knowledge of our ways with others.

Spirits of the Earth is a festival creating unity between old friends and an opportunity to meet new ones. We offer access to a wider variety of specialized vendors and holistic practitioners that may not otherwise be readily available.

We teach individuals how to bring spirituality and positivity into their every day lives. We show people how to put aside “sacred time” and teach techniques of meditation to center one’s self with the energies of the earth.

The motto we live by is to “Harm None” resulting in our belief of the three-fold return; this being karma which is the concept that all energies put forth are returned. This is a reminder to act in a positive fashion at all times.

We offer opportunities to learn about astrology which is the study of the Earth, Planets, Stars, Moon, Sun, and their relationship to us. We also offer the studies of “magick” meaning we have control over our lives, showing that if we aren’t satisfied with certain aspects of our lives we can change them through positive actions. Thoughts are things, that is, thoughts generate and release energy and, if repeated with intent can be powerful sources of energy. We can improve our lives and harm none through positive thinking; even our thoughts can be expressions of our spirituality.

One of our most important concepts is (as Scott Cunningham calls it) “Earth Stewardship;” which is caring for our planet. We carry this out by rinsing and reusing bottles; composting; recycling paper, aluminum cans, plastic and glass. This is an act of spirituality, for we are caring for our planet. Similarly, planting a tree; tending gardens; giving gifts of plants to others; refusing to use artificial pesticides; donating to ecological causes; writing letters in support of preserving endangered animals and their environments (forest, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive areas) are all further expressions of concern and love for our planet.

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