From Magick to Divine: SOTEF 2016 was a Blast!

One full nights sleep under my belt, now where to begin?13775830_1110423849029050_9006861599548354412_n

Now that my friends was an incredible week of magick, healing, empowerment, love, laughter and community.  One harmonious week filled with uplifting conversations that fuelled our creativity, productivity, expression and vitality. My heart is about to burst with love and gratitude. My energetic body has increased in size and frequency.

Fox and I thank each and every one of you for making the Spirits of the Earth what it is today.  Each of you has left your mark on our hearts and on the legacy that is Spirit of the Earth.  We only hope that the sacred space we dreamed about and manifested has shown you the positive side of life.  One where your level of enthusiasm is high, you feel that opportunities are endless and that anything is possible.

A special thanks to our performers Scott Brunelle, Rose Cora Perry, Doghouse Rose, Kate Channer Band, Sharon Knight & Winter.  Our presenters Becca, Charlene, Deb, Donna, Fallon, Gita, Kimi, Lindorm, Sarah, Tabi, and Zibby.  None of this would be possible without our incredible full time volunteers, Diana and Jessica for greeting all of our attendees with smiles, Rick for holding the space and creating warmth within and without, Kimi for ensuring that bathroom breaks were as enjoyable as possible, Britt for teaching our littles, and Philos for diving in with both feet and helping out where even you were needed.  Fox deserves a huge kudos for dealing first hand with my crazy and putting up with my ‘unique’ ways of bringing my visions into fruition. I have to extend recognition to Becca and Deb, who although the have been on staff in the past, were not officially on staff this year, they never left my side, and were there to assist, offer a hug, and pull together some organic magick right when it was needed.  I love you my spirit sisters more that I could ever say, and I am humbled by your love, trust and loyalty. Special mention to Kris who’s help in the kitchen and clearing the feast was an incredible gift that I am so grateful for.  Finally a shout-out to the park rangers who were amazingly open-minded and supportive…even offering the golf cart for trucking gear from the revel fire. P.S. You looked great spinning the poi 😉

Congratulations to our 2016 bardic winners Josh who is mastering the hula hoop at such a young age and Rebecca for creating an intriguing story on the fly that kept us intrigued and sharing in laughter.  Special mention to our bardic runner-ups Ben and Lindorm, bravo!

As we transition back into our daily routines, our memories may shift into daydreams of our week together.  Remember to live in the present moment, capturing the beauty of the moment and understand that there is no happier time then now.  You have that energy within you.  When you feel you might start to disconnect, pick up your stones that we charged all week long, and reignite your spirit, love, and power within.

We look forward to the next time our paths cross…whether at one of our drum circles, bonfires, weekend campouts, feast of the dead, open rituals, or next year’s festival.  Stay tuned to the website and the Spirits of the Earth Productions facebook page. Be the first to know about upcoming events, stay in touch with our community or checkout our weekly divinations. Until then the love we shared and the memories we made will fill our hearts.

Brightest of Blessings,



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