Entertainment: Indigo Crush

An international acoustic, vocal duet. Entertaining audiences with a cool mix of tunes, new and old, with style and class. Tammy and Gene started singing together in August 2013. When they started playing songs at local open jams, friends began suggesting songs from all different genres.  As their song list grew, Indigo Crush was formed. You name it, they sing it!

Check them out on FACEBOOK, or listen to their music on YOUTUBE.

Indigo Crush will be performing at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Wednesday night, and will also be hosting impromptu Open Mic Jams throughout the week, so bring your instruments and voices, and let’s make music together!

Entertainment: Foxwood Rhythms

Let’s first admit that we all like to sing. We often sing in the car, while having a shower and so on, but the sensation that you are singing in a public place, knowing that everybody is watching you is quite different. Singing takes your troubles away and is relaxing, that’s why so many people get addicted to it.

Tameika and Fox will be spinning some fun on the opening night of the festival. Karaoke is always full of fun and great music! There are a lot of great undiscovered singers out there. A little courage and some back up music, and you’re off!

If you really don’t like to sing, well you can always get up on the dance floor and shake it. Being a singer myself, it is always great when people are dancing in front of you. Come join us and release all of your stresses from the mundane world, in preparation of an amazing spiritual experience that the week ahead has in store for you!

Karaoke Dance Party hosted by Fox and Tameika will be on Tuesday night.

Sharing the Love

Good Evening Folks,
What a trick Mother Nature has been playing with us, wouldn’t you agree? I received my first sunburn of the season, only to drift back into hail and chilly temps. But my heart is warmed by all the love in my life…especially from the love of my life. As Fox and I gear up to celebrate our 20th anniversary (May 2nd), we wanted to find a way to share our gratitude with all of you.

So this got me to thinking, with only 4 more days to take advantage of our amazing early-bird pricing…why not share the love, and warm the hearts of all the members of our SOTEF family! Therefore we have decided to extend our early-bird pricing until MAY 15TH 2015! So if you haven’t registered yet, get in on the savings, and join us for the entire retreat.

Blessings of Love,

SOTEF Update: We are Family!

OLA!!! We’ve got an update folks… This past weekend, the Rockin’ full-time volunteers of SOTEF, went on a walkthrough of the new park and grounds. We were very happy with everything, and have refueled the creative fires of inspiration within us. We are like Mexican jumping beans, with the excitement of this coming year. The new park addresses previous accessibility concerns. We now have new features inclusive of wheelchair accessibility, and smoother terrain which should be a breeze for most folks, with the option of rustic camping for those looking for a more ‘backwoods’ feel. We also have the opportunity for those looking for adventure, with the incredible obstacle course, and workshop to learn Rock-climbing and Rappelling.

You guys are so important to us, and we are truly blessed to be able to work with such a diverse group that feeds our heart and soul. You guys ARE our spirit family, and we love you for all your awesomeness. SOTEF isn’t just Fox and I…it sparks from us, is fueled by all of our incredible volunteers, and manifested by all of you into a collective experience and energy all its own.

We greatly value your input and would like to know what matters to you…so let’s get some feedback folks! What you would like to see? Will you share your knowledge/experience in the form of a workshop or ritual? Do you want to share you music with our community? How can you contribute? What workshop topics interest you? How can we, as organizers, make this a better experience for you? How can you leave your personal mark on SOTEF? Do you enjoy the Elemental Tributes? Are you interested in helping out with the Tributes/Unity Challenge (High-Noon Games)? Anything else on your mind?

Although SOTEF has manifested into something extraordinary over the past 13years….our goal was to re-live the ease, fun, and simplicity the old days brought to the table. I think with this new park we may have just succeeded in that.

If you would like to assist with building some new effigy’s, special projects for the park, or work any other ideas you may have sparked….we will be having our May 24 campout/Crafty Magick Part II on May 15-18, and would love spend time connecting and celebrating with you all.

Before I sign off I want you all to know, that you hold a special place in our hearts, and we couldn’t imagine Spirits of the Earth without you. For those newbies out there thinking of joining us for the first time…come ‘Home’ where you will be welcomed with open arms, embraced with acceptance, love, and manifestation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to send out a very special thank you to Jade and Kiera for helping me bestow blessings and leave offerings to the land spirits.

So…lets get talking, I want to hear from all of you, since you all have a voice in the Spirits of the Earth Festival!

Love & Laughter,

What is SOTEF?

SLIDER-WhatIsWhere people can learn and grow not only as people but as spirits!

We are a group of earth centered individuals who come together to study the elements and the endless cycle of life. Spirits of the Earth is a gathering focusing on conservation, preservation, and creating a deeper relationship to divinity.

Our goal is to bring like-minded individuals together to form a sense of community. We welcome all who are of earth-based spirituality and other open-minded individuals to join us in a sacred space where communication of life, love and spirituality is available without fear or prejudice. We form a network to share knowledge of our ways with others.

Spirits of the Earth is a festival creating unity between old friends and an opportunity to meet new ones. We offer access to a wider variety of specialized vendors and holistic practitioners that may not otherwise be readily available.

We teach individuals how to bring spirituality and positivity into their every day lives. We show people how to put aside “sacred time” and teach techniques of meditation to center one’s self with the energies of the earth.

The motto we live by is to “Harm None” resulting in our belief of the three-fold return; this being karma which is the concept that all energies put forth are returned. This is a reminder to act in a positive fashion at all times.

We offer opportunities to learn about astrology which is the study of the Earth, Planets, Stars, Moon, Sun, and their relationship to us. We also offer the studies of “magick” meaning we have control over our lives, showing that if we aren’t satisfied with certain aspects of our lives we can change them through positive actions. Thoughts are things, that is, thoughts generate and release energy and, if repeated with intent can be powerful sources of energy. We can improve our lives and harm none through positive thinking; even our thoughts can be expressions of our spirituality.

One of our most important concepts is (as Scott Cunningham calls it) “Earth Stewardship;” which is caring for our planet. We carry this out by rinsing and reusing bottles; composting; recycling paper, aluminum cans, plastic and glass. This is an act of spirituality, for we are caring for our planet. Similarly, planting a tree; tending gardens; giving gifts of plants to others; refusing to use artificial pesticides; donating to ecological causes; writing letters in support of preserving endangered animals and their environments (forest, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive areas) are all further expressions of concern and love for our planet.

Announcement: New Location for 2015!

21-26 July 2015
Southwestern Ontario’s Largest & Longest running Earth-Based Organic Festival!!!
(Located just south-west of London Ontario)

What an empowering week we have in store for YOU!!! We encourage you to venture forward….to indulge in the gifts that nature has to offer in this 6 day camping experience, and to be surrounded by drummers, percussionists, dancers, and magick makers, of all ages. Imagine laying in the middle of the forest, where stags roam free, a roaring revel fire as your only light, the beating of the primal drums, and swaying silhouettes of dancing bodies encircling the fire. The smell of the dew, and the magickal essence of fireflies as we submerse ourselves in everything that is mother earth.

Beneath this same canopy of magick we will witness the songs of inspiration, passion, excitement, and awakening of spirit. We have been referred to by many as Ontario’s own “WitchStock”. Priding ourselves on bringing you a wide selection of concerts by North America’s most talented pagan musicians. Share a meal with new friends during our Enchanted Forest Feast & Bardic. Let the mundane drift away during our Pagan Karaoke. Partake in a variety of Rituals, join a workshop, channel your own talent by entering our Bardic circle or afternoon Jam sessions. The Mojo doesn’t stop there, you will find our Kitchen Witches stirring up some magick to bring you the exceptional GOURMET Meal Plan to fuel your body, as you fuel you mind and spirit!

Spirits of the Earth is celebrating our 13th anniversary this year, and welcome all to come and join those of like mind, as we celebrate life, the earth, and each other. Creating new Friendships, building our Community, and fueling our Dreams, Passions, and Desires. In 2007, the Spirits of the Earth family introduced our concept of bringing ritual to the revel. This was greeted with enthusiasm, and liberation as everyone encircled the fire awe-inspired. We feel that instead of the festival hosting a ritual or two, that we would transform the entire festival into a ritual all its own.

This year we would like to continue our journey with the ELEMENTAL TRIBES! We would like to raise the bar a little higher, and open the doors wide for every single member of our community to become an active participant, utilizing their own unique talents. This has lead us to designate every single attendee to an Elemental Tribe for the week. You will have an opportunity to connect to that particular element deep within yourself, and connect with other members of our community. This will build a strong foundation. Inspiring each other as you fuel the light within yourself.

The excitement and energies are building, the creative juices are flowing, and the inspiration is lifting the ROOF! I simply cannot wait to fill you all in on the incredible changes coming this year, and to warmly embrace our kindred this July. Stay tuned for other opportunities to prepare for a week long ritual that is SPIRITSFEST, warm up those drumming hands and hips, and build comaraderie.

See you there! Brightest Blessings!

PRE-REGISTRATION PRICE IN EFFECT UNTIL JUN 13TH! Register early online and save!

Gates open at 12pm on Tuesday July 21st.

Check our website for details, payments and other info:
Web: http://www.spiritsfest.com
Email: info@spiritsfest.com | Phone: 226-271-3900

Please SHARE to help enhance the lives of those around us, and watch the SOTEF family grow!!!

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