What is SOTEF?

Calling all Like-Minded, Nature Lovers
Spirits of the Earth community is beaming with limitless possibilities. Join us as we build lasting memories within sacred space that is judgment free, supportive, encouraging, and uplifting; Reinforce your relationships and join a strong, energetic, unified community; One that places value in honour, loyalty, commitment, integrity, and personal growth. We welcome you to join us on this adventure, share in the experience, connect with others on a deep spiritual level, share your passions, and inspire others…as we laugh, dance and sing our way through this wonderful journey called life.


It was a warm sunny day, as the gentle breeze played with my hair and the branches of grandmother willow wrapped her arms around me, that the spark was created…16yrs later Spirits of the Earth Festival is still an energy all her own, inviting and transforming all who join her in the sacred dance.

In the beginning, we heard the call to fulfill a need within the community.  At that time there were only 3 larger pagan festivals in Ontario. WiccanFest in June, Kaleidoscope Gathering (KG) in August, and HarvestFest in October. Sacred Circle Gathering (formerly Whisperfest) was a smaller event held mid-August in the Paris, ON area that ran for 5yrs and disbanded in 2002, when the organizers made a choice to create a family of their own. This is when Spirits of the Earth was conceived; It quickly became apparent the she was constantly transforming; her energy frequency elevating and growing; Spirits of the Earth was not simply an event…but an ideal, a lifestyle, and a community that carries an energy all her own.

After connecting with the other festival organizers at the time, we decided to place our dates in the month of July.  It was our intention to serve the Southwestern Ontario area, however this intricate web of festival dates allowed us to reunite with our broader community monthly.

Spirits of the Earth was founded by Tameika and Fox in 2002. Since that time we have also offered various earth-based, spiritual events such as Festivals, Seasonal Ceremonies, SAMHAIN: Feast of the Dead, Mystic Roots Conference, Drum Circles, Camp-outs, Beach Parties, Road Trips, and more!

Our goal is to bring like-minded individuals together to form a sense of community. We welcome all earth-based open-minded individuals to join us in a sacred space where communication of life, love and spirituality is available without fear or prejudice. We form a network to share knowledge of our ways with each other, creating unity between old friends and providing an opportunity to meet new ones. We offer access to a wider variety of specialized vendors and holistic practitioners that may not otherwise be readily available. Come and learn how to bring spirituality and positivity into your every day life, and how to put aside “sacred time”, as we practice techniques of meditation to center one’s self with the energies of the earth.


As for the FESTIVAL….What an empowering retreat we have in store for YOU!!! We encourage you to venture forward….to indulge in the gifts that nature has to offer in this 4 day camping experience, and to be surrounded by drummers, percussionists, dancers, and magick makers, of all ages. Imagine days filled with development of your skills (or maybe learning some new ones), evenings around a roaring revel fire as your only light, the beating of the primal drums, and swaying silhouettes of dancing bodies encircling the energies. The smell of the in the morning dew, and the magickal essence of fireflies as we submerse ourselves in everything that is mother earth.

Beneath this same canopy of magick we will witness the songs of inspiration, passion, excitement, and awakening of spirit. Priding ourselves on bringing you a wide selection of concerts by talented local and new-age musicians.  Let the mundane drift away in an evening of Karaoke . Partake in a variety of Rituals, join a workshop, channel your own talent by entering our Bardic circle or afternoon Jam sessions. The mojo doesn’t stop there, join other Kitchen Witches stirring up some magick to fuel your body, as you fuel you mind and spirit!

The excitement and energies are building, the creative juices are flowing, and the inspiration is lifting the ROOF! I simply cannot wait to fill you all in on the incredible experiences coming this year, and to warmly embrace our kindred this July. Warm up those drumming hands and hips. All are welcome to come and join those of like mind, as we celebrate life, the earth, and each other! See you soon 😉


In 2017 I felt change in the air… its refreshing essence swirling around.  Initially this created some feelings of unease, and maybe even some fears, not knowing what exactly was brewing.  After frantically searching for a “why” or “what, I chose to embrace grace, and open my heart. I chose to let go and have faith that these changes would carry me where I needed to be, and reveal my purpose. Being well connected to Spirit enhances and enriches my life on every level, yet sorting out what exactly the Gods intended for us and SOTEF was quite a journey.  Fox and I stepped back to deeply reflect, and dedicate time to receive these integral messages; The SOTEF kindred joined us as we embarked on an adventure of transition.

When you take others into consideration while making decisions, you acknowledge that the people around you have needs and are worthy of respect. It was time to consider the needs of our staff and the community, and anticipate that our new direction was one that fulfilled everyone’s needs.

We decided to reflect on what meant the most to us, and came to realize that YOU are our reason.  With the way things had been going we did not have the time and energy during the event to give you the one on one attention we would have liked.  It is the deep connections to our Tribe that fuels us to grow, support, and challenge not only ourselves but everyone else in our community. Being with our kindred, beautifying our surroundings, and enjoying creative activities, infuses each moment with an attitude of joy and awe. We sense that is what You, as our tribe is also craving more of.

We have become a society filled with distractions, and fewer opportunities to really connect; to feel part of something greater; to be heard and understood. With such an abundance of large festival events these days there was no longer a ‘need’ to fulfill.  We shifted our focus to create a gathering that cultivates a more intimate environment. One that offers intensive and practical style workshops. One that focuses on building and strengthening bonds. A place that will help shift our community into a higher level of understanding and empowerment, as we find the magick deep within ourselves.

It is said that everything we do is imprinted with our energy, which others can feel when they see or touch our work.  Keeping this in mind helps us to understand how important our attitude can be when engaged in any activity we pursue.  While a neutral mindset might help us create a positive outcome, a joyful mindset is more likely to create an amazing one.  Simply by choosing to infuse everything we do with enthusiasm, we can create more beauty, love, abundance, and joy that will radiate out to enhance not only our lives, but the lives of all who encounter our work.

We are inspired to use our imaginations to create more beauty in our lives. To enhance our surroundings an better express our creativity. Since one of the most powerful emotions in the creative process is JOY, we plan to enhance our mindset by choosing to feel joyful and happy at every possible opportunity. With our new attitude of fun and enthusiasm, we set a positive example for others, and everyone ends up winning.  We create a victory for ourselves and others by simply choosing to enjoy the time we spend together.

What an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey this has been.  One that has enhanced my skills, faith, vibration, and most importantly the incredible connections! I am honoured we have crossed paths, accept the gifts and inspirations you share, and my heart fills with gratitude knowing that I made a difference. Thank you 🙂

Where people can learn and grow not only as people but as spirits!

From Magick to Divine: SOTEF 2016 was a Blast!

One full nights sleep under my belt, now where to begin?13775830_1110423849029050_9006861599548354412_n

Now that my friends was an incredible week of magick, healing, empowerment, love, laughter and community.  One harmonious week filled with uplifting conversations that fuelled our creativity, productivity, expression and vitality. My heart is about to burst with love and gratitude. My energetic body has increased in size and frequency.

Fox and I thank each and every one of you for making the Spirits of the Earth what it is today.  Each of you has left your mark on our hearts and on the legacy that is Spirit of the Earth.  We only hope that the sacred space we dreamed about and manifested has shown you the positive side of life.  One where your level of enthusiasm is high, you feel that opportunities are endless and that anything is possible.

A special thanks to our performers Scott Brunelle, Rose Cora Perry, Doghouse Rose, Kate Channer Band, Sharon Knight & Winter.  Our presenters Becca, Charlene, Deb, Donna, Fallon, Gita, Kimi, Lindorm, Sarah, Tabi, and Zibby.  None of this would be possible without our incredible full time volunteers, Diana and Jessica for greeting all of our attendees with smiles, Rick for holding the space and creating warmth within and without, Kimi for ensuring that bathroom breaks were as enjoyable as possible, Britt for teaching our littles, and Philos for diving in with both feet and helping out where even you were needed.  Fox deserves a huge kudos for dealing first hand with my crazy and putting up with my ‘unique’ ways of bringing my visions into fruition. I have to extend recognition to Becca and Deb, who although the have been on staff in the past, were not officially on staff this year, they never left my side, and were there to assist, offer a hug, and pull together some organic magick right when it was needed.  I love you my spirit sisters more that I could ever say, and I am humbled by your love, trust and loyalty. Special mention to Kris who’s help in the kitchen and clearing the feast was an incredible gift that I am so grateful for.  Finally a shout-out to the park rangers who were amazingly open-minded and supportive…even offering the golf cart for trucking gear from the revel fire. P.S. You looked great spinning the poi 😉

Congratulations to our 2016 bardic winners Josh who is mastering the hula hoop at such a young age and Rebecca for creating an intriguing story on the fly that kept us intrigued and sharing in laughter.  Special mention to our bardic runner-ups Ben and Lindorm, bravo!

As we transition back into our daily routines, our memories may shift into daydreams of our week together.  Remember to live in the present moment, capturing the beauty of the moment and understand that there is no happier time then now.  You have that energy within you.  When you feel you might start to disconnect, pick up your stones that we charged all week long, and reignite your spirit, love, and power within.

We look forward to the next time our paths cross…whether at one of our drum circles, bonfires, weekend campouts, feast of the dead, open rituals, or next year’s festival.  Stay tuned to the website and the Spirits of the Earth Productions facebook page. Be the first to know about upcoming events, stay in touch with our community or checkout our weekly divinations. Until then the love we shared and the memories we made will fill our hearts.

Brightest of Blessings,




Entertainment: Sharon Knight

SLIDER-SharonKnight16Sharon Knight and her longtime collaborator Winter are nationally touring musicians in the Mythic-Celtic vein.  Their penchant for combining fierce an gutsy bravado with ethereal beauty, a hearty dose of fantastical lyrics, and an obvious love of storytelling has inspired their own style, “Neofolk Romantique”.  They often sound less Celtic and more “Folktales that ran away with the Faeries at the turn of the century and took cover in an old trunk bound for the circus, which was then commandeered by pirates.”  This suits them fine.

The music of Sharon Knight combines a love of antiquity and romance with an affinity for the haunting and melancholy, adds a hearty dash of feistiness, and reminds us that we can all see the world through the eyes of enchantment.

Check out their music Here.

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Saturday night.

Entertainment: Kate Channer

SLIDER-KateChanner16Kate Channer Band delivers an authentic, polished pop/rock sound. For almost a decade, Kate (lead singer and guitar) and Monica aka Moxy (drums) have been putting their own spice on cover tunes as well as composing originals. After an impromptu jam session with Adam (keyboards) one evening six years ago in the basement, they knew the three of them were a perfect fit. After having many talented musicians come and go from the band which has gone through many name changes, Ryan (bass) has completed the package. A year later we have added lead guitar by Mark and backup vocals by Mandy!

The band comes in many forms, sometimes only a solo with Kate in the limelight, 3 piece and other times a full band. With the talent and experience the band possess along with a commanding stage presence and a simple love of performing together, Kate Channer Band produce a musical experience that transcends the sum of their respective talents into a musical experience with broad appeal.

Check out their music Here!

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival, on Friday night.

Entertainment: Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Rose has three visions she hopes to achieve as an artist: to inspire, to provoke thought, and to relate! She has been a performer since age four, and writer since age seven, and CEO of Record Label at 15. Rose Cora Perry is the former frontwoman of major label signed act Anti-Hero and has performed at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals. Bringing audiences of over 500,000 to tears with her emotional sound and sincere performances, Perry has been crowned a well-respected industry pro within Canada’s music landscape. In line with her efforts, in 2011, she was invited to attend the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles as a honourary special guest artist.

She’s graced the covers of magazines, achieved “Top 100” radio singles, conducted numerous guest lectures, served as a Voting Committee Member for the Jack Richardson Music Awards and was elected to represent the “voice of the independent musician” in a three-month expose for Canadian Musician.

2016 marks the triumphant return of Perry’s musical efforts with the highly anticipated worldwide release of her sophomore solo album, Onto the Floor. In conjunction with the album’s release, Perry has formed a powerhouse trio, The Truth Untold featuring the exceptional local talents of Jeremy Sieberer on Backing Vocals/Bass (Partners in Health) and Tyler Randall on Drums (Blind Mag/Swerve).

Check out their music Here.

Rose Cora Perry and the Truth Untold bring you raw emotion, real experience, and melody-driven alternative rock. You can catch their performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Friday evening.

Entertainment: Doghouse Rose

SLIDER-DoghouseRose16In two short years, Doghouse Rose has driven the rebel country sound many thousands of miles down the dusty road.  Known for their captivating and engaging stage show, they don’t sit still for long.  They’ve ventured across Canada and Europe several times over, touring in support of their debut, self-titled album, which charted on college radio for the better part of a year and earned a 2014 Jack Richardson Music Award. Playing every stage and venue they could reach, from music festivals to maximum-security state prisons, these natural entertainers find a home wherever they land.
Doghouse Rose is currently releasing their second full length album “Bourbon & Gasoline” and saddling up for another crazy year touring.  Doghouse Rose is especially excited to embark on their fourth European tour this June and venturing into the USA for the fist time.  Lost luggage, smashed windshields, crashing on couches, and a train pulling away with their gear still aboard haven’t slowed them down. They are more stoked than ever to hit the road, and show no mercy.

Check our their music Here!

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Thursday night.

Entertainment: Tara Rice

SLIDER-TaraRice16Weaving a god’s eye. S’mores over a fire on a brisk autumn night. Tara Rice, Toronto-based vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, conjures gothic romanticism between layers of spirited storytelling. Though the majority of Rice’s latest EP, Panorama, was written, recorded and performed in her Bloor Street apartment, the mood of this alternative folk-rock album transcends the concrete city vibe.

The songs, along with Tara’s multifaceted, distinctive voice, sweep and shape-shift through genres and influences (a bit of PJ Harvey grunge here, some Sandy Denny folk there). By times the songs summon psychedelic pastoral vistas, and at other times conjure crisp, cool, dark forests. Tara Rice’s music leads the listener into an evocative and welcoming world that possesses a modern mythical perspective wholly its own.

Check out her sound Here.

 You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Thursday evening.

Entertainment: Scott Brunelle

SLIDER-ScottBrunelle16Scott Brunelle is a 24 year old multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and visual artist residing in London Ontario. Scott’s work focuses on retaining the hopeful feeling of reconciliation with the self, others, and nature. His music is ethereal in its jazz and experimental influence, yet grounded in country, folk and the blues. Scott’s rural upbringing and penchant for self-instruction have resulted in a free artistic spirit which reaches to seemingly disparate places to find connection.

At 16, Brunelle was performing in a punk band and sharing the stage with nationally touring acts (Ambush, Counterparts), and at 19 opened for Canadian fingerstyle guitar legend Don Ross, as a solo performer. Scott has 3 releases (Year of Change, Megaflora, Fresh Mint Cloud) and an EP (Circle of Pine) to his name, and is anticipating the release of his 1st studio record (Xtra Cosmos) after its completion this summer. Scott is also an accomplished visual artist and poet, and hopes to share his work collectively to deliver an intertwined statement to be enjoyed and deciphered by the audience.

Scott’s music is inspired by jazz, country, and experimental traditions in songwriting. Finger style and a simultaneous chord/melody approach are essential to his sound. He immerses himself in improvisation and traditional musics of various cultures to add an element of direct spiritual connection within compositions. Scott hopes that through performing for an audience, there can be space opened to share emotion.

Check out his music Here!

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Wednesday night.

Entertainment: Foxwood Rhythms

Let’s first adSLIDER-FoxWood16mit that we all like to sing. We often sing in the car, while having a shower and so on, but the sensation that you are singing in a public place, knowing that everybody is watching you is quite different. Singing takes your troubles away and is relaxing, that’s why so many people get addicted to it.

Tameika and Fox will be spinning some fun on the opening night of the festival. Karaoke is always full of fun and great music! There are a lot of great undiscovered singers out there. A little courage and some back up music, and you’re off!

If you really don’t like to sing, well you can always get up on the dance floor and shake it. Being a singer myself, it is always great when people are dancing in front of you. Come join us and release all of your stresses from the mundane world, in preparation of an amazing spiritual experience that the week ahead has in store for you!

Karaoke Dance Party hosted by Fox and Tameika will be on Tuesday night.

10 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at the Spirits of the Earth

2016 PreReg 600x315


    Whether you are looking at creating deeper connections with your friends, experiencing quality time with  family, or meeting new folks that just get you. You are sure to experience first hand a sense of community and make lasting connections along the way.

    “Community – meaning for me ‘nurturing human connection’ — is our survival. We humans wither outside of community. It isn’t a luxury, a nice thing; community is essential to our well being. Appreciating that community is essential to human well being calls us to a particular kind of courage: walking with our fear of exclusion in order to stand up for inclusion.” ~ Frances Moore Lappe

    It’s easy to take for granted the importance of green spaces in our lives. It has been proven that taking time to reconnect with nature enhances your self-esteem, reduces stress, enhances personal performance, and improves a sense of well-being.  It also contributes to healthy, active living both physically and emotionally. Green spaces are gathering places that create close-knit communities… so come hug a tree, and join our family.

    Belonging to a group was most likely helpful for our ancestors, after all their survival probably depended on it. For some reason, in our modern world we think it’s quantity over quality. But as we gain life experience, we recognize the importance of having friends who are authentic and genuine – people who love, respect and support us. Acceptance starts with ourselves. We understand who we are, where our strengths lie, we know what we want, and are comfortable with our place in this world. Lets share that amazing feeling with other attendees, explore our inner selves for a new-found confidence, and embrace our true natures as we increase our sense of empowerment! There is no judgement at Spirits of the Earth.  Our moto is that we all have our strengths, but only when we stand together will we be stronger. Let’s lift each other up, so the entire world can see our majesty.

    Music has incredible power.  It can alter our moods, help us focus, offers positive effects on pain management, boost immunity and increase physical performance.  What I find most fascinating is the ability to create an emotional bookmark in our lives.  Have you ever heard a song on the radio, and suddenly are flooded with memories so strong you feel like you have been transported back in time. Beneath a canopy of magick you will witness the songs of inspiration, passion, excitement, and awakening of spirit. As your body sways, and your heart opens to the sound of North America’s most talented eclectic musicians.

    “Music is the Medicine of the Mind”

    With the hustle and bustle of modern life, we sometimes feel we are pulled in a million different directions at once, like blowing the fluff off a matured dandelion. Reducing stress in your everyday life is vital for maintaining your overall health, as it can improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity and allow you to be more productive. Take this time to ground/release that which no longer serves you, and recharge your batteries with the ultimate energy source….by following your roots back to nature!
    To ‘experience’ is to be affected by or gain knowledge through involvement in or exposure to an event. At Spirits of the Earth you will experience feelings of acceptance, compassion, love, tolerance and understanding.  By the end of the week you will feel renewed, energetic, and happy . You will be able & willing to take action; to pursue whatever it is you want to attain and achieve.
  7. LEARN
    We have made it our mission to help people become even more independent and self-sufficient.  Its this feeling of self-sufficiency that empowers those within our community to give back, sharing their knowledge and experiences.  When you have a strong foundation beneath you, it provides the perfect opportunity for giving. Join in on this unique opportunity to learn from our communities passionate leaders.
    Great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.
  8. FOOD
    It is hard work to transform our minds and create positive change in our lives.  In an effort to create overall balance in our wellbeing we invite you to partake of our incredibly delicious and healthy meals that fuel your body, as you fuel your mind. We also host our Community Feast on the Friday night which is open to all attendees!
    Have you been on a quest to find that perfect unique addition to your altar?  A colorful one-of-a-kind piece of clothing to add to your festival wardrobe? Perhaps a personalized oil-blend made just for you by a skilled aroma therapist?  Maybe you are not seeking anything in particular, but all of a sudden you are called to something that resonates with you.  We encourage you to embark on a treasure hunt with our local creative artisans located in our Merchant Alley to find that rare gem.
    Come and be surrounded by drummers, percussionists, dancers, and magick makers, of all ages. Imagine laying in the middle of the forest, where stags roam free, a roaring revel fire as your only light, the beating of the primal drums, and swaying silhouettes of dancing bodies encircling the fire. The smell of the dew, and the magickal essence of fireflies as we submerse ourselves in everything that is mother earth. The heat of the fire warms our skin, as it fuels our spirit within. You can expect to be part of this nightly phenomenon, as we revel in our diversity and allow our authentic selves to radiate.

“Set a fire down in your soul, and seek those who fan your flames”

Even though you may have missed out on the Early Bird sale, have no fear!  The team at Spirits of the Earth festival is offering you another opportunity to save with a Pre-Registration sale. This deal offers you a $30 discount off an Adult Full-Week registration.  Act quickly to guarantee your spot as this offer will only be available until  July 1st, 2016.

Love & Honour,
Tameika & Fox

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