Spirits of the Earth 2019

We have confirmed our 2019 dates!!!

12-14 JULY 2019

Last year our focus was to RISE: Resonate Internally and Shine Externally. This years theme is Seeking Knowledge Through Experience. We will find the parts of us we value the most; those that make us unique.  We will then learn how we can share those skills with our tribe…creating a powerful foundation of strength, loyalty and honour.

This year we have had to shorten our festivities due to a career opportunity for one of our main organizers. However we feel it important that we continue to create magickal space.  We encourage folks to arrive on Friday evening after 5pm.  We will begin by preparing our temporary village and catching up around the fire, and sharing stories of our adventures since we last gathered…perhaps even some karaoke.

Saturday we will focus on opening ourselves up to new experiences and creating new bonds with others in our community, in honour of Óðinn the all-father, who gathered his knowledge and experience from his travels throughout this world and beyond.  Óðinn sacrificed himself by hanging on the world-tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights. At the end of his ordeal, he perceived the runes, the magickally-charged ancient Germanic alphabet that was held to contain many of the greatest secrets of existence.

“Then I was fertilized and grew wise;
From a word to a word I was led to a word,
From a work to a work I was led to a work.”

We welcome you to participate in the Blot where we will raise a god pole for Óðinn in the Vé at OakHaven.

Following the ceremonies will be a celebration of our tribe and our sacred space as we prepare for an night of feasting, celebration, revelry, honoring and gift giving.

Registration is OPEN!

Add it to your calendars folks. We’ll dance with the spirits, and revel in the energies once again!

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