Fox’s Rune-Cast: 03Jul16


On this long holiday weekend, we wanted to take a second to show our national pride. So, why not include it in our cast #OhCanada #westandonguardforthee

#Berkano – gives us the ability of a Mother’s nurturing and compassion. But also blesses us with her bountifulness and fertility in creation
#Elhaz – is the powerful Elk which brings protection and strength of will from the Gods. Call it down it is there for you!
#Pertho – by drawing your lot, you take your chances. Roll the bones. What will your Wyrd be? What do the #Fates have in store?
#Eihwaz – keeper of the ‘fire’ that is the Sacred magic of the Yew tree.
#Raidho – the strong willed rider is controlled movement, take aim and go forward.
#Laguz – cleanses, shapes and offers guidance of liquid force.

With the divine feminine energy and the protection of the Ancients, do not fear trying your Luck this week. You are on a forward path armed with the sacred wisdom, the flexibility of shape, the will of a mounted cavalry. You are unstoppable, and in charge #dontlookback you’re not going that way!

#runeblessing #norsewisdom #spiritsfest #weareSpiritsoftheEarth #pagansofinstagram #londonontario #troth

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