Release of Liability

I, the undersigned, by my payment of $1 or more, or labor, and who freely associate with and/or become active supporting members of Spirits of the Earth Festival (SOTEF), do hereby indemnify, absolve, and release SOTEF, their officers, directors, agents, assigns, owners, event staff and representatives, from any and all injury or other harm to myself and others that I may be responsible for.

I understand that these rules and this agreement are for promoting a safe and happy spiritual event and to assure that spiritual events can be held on this site in the future. I accept full responsibility for myself and any minors in my charge, that may or may not be able to understand or respect safety rules, or other instructions, at all times. I agree to respect all property on the premises, as well as all plants, trees, and animals. I will refrain from all conduct that is considered disruptive or harmful to the community, this event, or the staff. I will abide by all federal, Provincial, and local laws, including but NOT limited to, no illicit substances, no weapons and no public nudity. I fully recognize that any difficulties and/or accidents experienced while coming to or returning from this event are entirely my own responsibility, even if I ask for or am provided with some form of transportation or car-pooling. Ritual robes and special clothing are encouraged; please remember to dress accordingly. Ritual blades must be sheathed, peace-bonded and visible while carried to and from rituals. SOTEF wrist bands are required to gain admittance to all festival events. Guide and helper animals are welcome. SOTEF reserves the right to deny entry to, or remove from the festival facilities any person who, in SOTEF’s sole and absolute discretion is behaving or threatening to behave in a manner disruptive to the festival. I understand that I have alternatives to this agreement, including non-attendance. I understand that the use of all facilities is being offered for spiritual purposes. Failure to abide by this agreement is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event without a refund.

Having read and understood the above, I sign this document freely and voluntarily with no expectation of compensation of any kind, on behalf of myself and all minors accompanying me.

Please be advised that this application does not guarantee participation in the festival or a vending area, until funds have been received. By checking below I acknowledge, understand and agree to abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the Spirits of the Earth Festival. I further agree to save harmless the officers, directors and organizers of SOTEF from liabilities arising from my participation or the participation of my dependents at the festival. SOTEF is a private event and as such reserves the right to refuse or revoke admission at its discretion.
Please Note: We accept cash/credit on site. If your fees have not been received by the time the festival begins, you will be required to pay the current rate at the door.

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