May-24 Camping 2017

Date: 19-22 May 2017
Time: Arrivals 4pm on Friday
Cost: $20/adult, $10/child (0-4yrs Free)
What to Bring: Camping gear, drums, BYOB/Crafty Supplies, anything else you would like to dabble with.


May long weekend is here and camping season has officially started. We welcome you to join us for a weekend of fun which will include craftiness, prop building, body painting, drumming, dancing, organic impromptu ritual, fire breathing and other fun activities to prepare for the upcoming fest season.

CRAFTY MAGICK MAKING: Feel free to bring whatever you are working on, new things you would like to learn, or something you saw on Pinterest that you would like to try your hand at… in a fun, supportive and empowering environment. Or just hang out with us, give some feedback and help others with their projects.

Come together as COMMUNITY, as we prepare for the upcoming Spirits of the Earth Festival.

DRUM CIRCLE: “Tribal breath fueled by the primal heat. Ancient rhythm carried by the vessels chosen. Sun drenched bodies illuminated by the flames of the fire. Voicing the melody of the Mother” ~ Lupa Bardy (quoted with permission)

Saturday night we invite you to join us in a drum circle. These are great for releasing the stresses of everyday life, or for attuning yourself to the natural rhythms of the earth. Great for all experience levels. Instruments are not required. Children are welcome. Drumming, dancing, singing, and chanting.

NOTES: This is a rustic outdoor event so please be prepared (lawn chairs, blanket/sweater, bug repellent, etc). There will be an outdoor kitchen area…check out our FAQ’s. Please feel free to bring a tent if you plan on having a few drinks.  The house is strictly off-limits.

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