Entertainment: Kate Channer

SLIDER-KateChanner16Kate Channer Band delivers an authentic, polished pop/rock sound. For almost a decade, Kate (lead singer and guitar) and Monica aka Moxy (drums) have been putting their own spice on cover tunes as well as composing originals. After an impromptu jam session with Adam (keyboards) one evening six years ago in the basement, they knew the three of them were a perfect fit. After having many talented musicians come and go from the band which has gone through many name changes, Ryan (bass) has completed the package. A year later we have added lead guitar by Mark and backup vocals by Mandy!

The band comes in many forms, sometimes only a solo with Kate in the limelight, 3 piece and other times a full band. With the talent and experience the band possess along with a commanding stage presence and a simple love of performing together, Kate Channer Band produce a musical experience that transcends the sum of their respective talents into a musical experience with broad appeal.

Check out their music Here!

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival, on Friday night.

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