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Here is our line-up for 2019, stay tuned as our web goddess brings you more updates!
Please note workshops may be subject to change.

Mandy ‘Tameika’ Forgét

Tameika is founder of the Spirits of the Earth festival, Samhain: Feast of the Dead, and previously the Mystic Roots Conference, and Mhorag circle. Currently she is Gythia of OakHaven Kindred and has been part of the pagan community for over 25 years. She continuously strives to bring the local pagan community together to create unity, peace and harmony; hosting open rituals, drum circles, campouts, festivals, conferences, and the London Pagan Social with Mikailey. Reiki Master, intuitive, alchemical healer, inspirational coach. As Tameika follows her ancestral Scandinavian lineage, she now finds herself following the path of Seiðr as a Vitki/Völva. Tameika has made it a priority to include activity everyday to connect with her inner shieldmaiden. With years of experience behind her involving both fitness, and nutrition, she is ready to show the community how to connect to the Gods by nurturing our bodies; creating a more balanced, happier YOU!

Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual  [OakHaven Kindred]
Our annual Spirits of the Earth Festival is a retreat, camping festival, and gathering that fosters community, celebration, and a deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire. We welcome all who wish to express their support of spiritual diversity and come together as a like-minded community in an inclusive setting. Even those of you attending for the first time are amazed to find such a welcoming and accepting festive gathering that celebrates nature and the spirit within. This year there are many activities to experience including rituals, workshops, dancing, drumming, and nightly bonfires. Each year’s Spirits of the Earth Festival has a theme, and this year that theme is “Seeking Knowledge Through Experience”. We will take everyone on a journey that will help gain awareness of their inner-selves, cleanse away that which no longer serves, and help find their place within the community. We will use the earth energies and our ancestral connections to strengthen our spirit. Let us come together to celebrate and unify with all that surrounds us, ushering in a new epoch of community and spiritual emergence.

Gathering of the Minds: Coffee~Breakfast~Chat  [DAILY]
Grab a cup of java, some breakfast and join us for some stimulating conversation. Our ancestors knew the power of listening to our elders and the spirits that share our journey. It was an integral step in learning about ourselves and the world around us. We invite you to join us in an open forum discussion, beginning with the topic mentioned below and then see where our conversations take us.

Sumble  [OakHaven Kindred]
After being entertained by our fellow Skalds while breaking bread amongst Kin we will begin to Sumble. A Sumble is one of the most sacred of rituals in the Northern Tradition; essentially a communal drinking ritual held within a hall. It is derived from a Viking custom of boasts and toasts made the night before an expedition was launched. Usually Wine, Ale or Mead was used, and we would like to keep with this tradition. Donations are most welcome for the refilling of the horn. It is however considered taboo to become drunk and lose control of your words.  There will be a round dedicated to GIFTS, so if you have something you would like bestow upon a fellow member of the community, this would be a wonderful opportunity to have the community witness and acknowledge their good deeds. If you have questions about what is appropriate please see Fox or Tameika. We encourage everyone to help create the atmosphere and participate in the fun by dressing in costume. You do not have to wear a hat with horns while you do it, nor worship Odin, nor get into a longboat when you are done….but why not, it’s FUN!

Closing Ceremonies: Community Empowerment  [OakHaven Kindred]
This year’s Closing Ceremonies will celebrate the sense of community and oneness with spirit fostered over the past 3-days, and will empower everyone to take that raised sense of spirit back home with them into their own communities. Announcements will be made and everyone will have the chance to say ‘until next time’ to old and new friends alike. We will revel in what we all experienced together, with a sense of sadness that it’s come to an end for another year, but with a renewed sense of hope and faith… not only that we will all meet again soon but that we are all at the beginning of a greater journey together.

Ronn ‘Fox Oak’ Forgét

Fox Oak is the warder and Goði of OakHaven Homestead Kindred, Co– facilitator of the Spirits of the Earth Festival, husband, friend, brother. He has dedicated himself to his ancestors, gods, home, and family. Fox has been part of the Ontario Pagan community for over 20 years, hosting many events , lectures, drum circles. He has more recently come heathenry via a spirit journey that he experienced with a familiar and a ritual hammer that was handed down to him.

Stumble Through the Sumble
The sumble is one of the most sacred (if not the most sacred) of rituals in the Northern Tradition.  Yet, this is often viewed as a mere ‘piss up’. The Sumble is a vital ceremony of modern
Heathenry with deep and ancient roots in many places throughout the Scandinavia.  This tradition is lifted straight from the pages of Beowulf, The Eddas and other Germanic poetry. This workshop will cover the meaning & lore, and talk about what you can expect in the form of process, etiquette, and learn how to participate.

Óðinn Blót
Description Coming Soon.
He is ready to join Freya and Freyr in the OakHaven Vé.

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