Who Can Attend?
All ages are encouraged to attend! All those who are interested in earth based spirituality, those who would like to get back to nature, and those with an open mind.

Do I Have to Make a Reservation?
We recommend you pre-register, as space is limited to 50 attendees. There are no designated camping sites, and space is available on a “first come, first served” basis. Please keep in mind we accept CASH and CREDIT for registration at the door.

How Do I Register?
Once registration opens, you can register through the website, by phone, or in person.

What is the Cost to Attend?
Please see our Registration page for all admission costs and details. NOTE: Prices are in Canadian funds. In order to qualify for sale discounts, funds must be received prior to expiry of promotion.

How do I Make Payment?
Payments can be made through Email $ Transfer, Square (Credit Cards) or Cash. We accept cash and credit at the door. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable, no exceptions. Online payments can be sent to:

Can I Come for One Day or One Night?
The price to attend Spirits of the Earth is a flat rate fee. There is a limited number of day passes available at the door for the Festival and does not include over night camping.  If you wish to stay the night you will need to purchase 2 day passes. For other events (such as KINection or Feast of the Dead) day passes are not available and you will be subject to the full registration rate.

Are Children Welcome?
Yes, children are more then welcome to attend Spirits of the Earth Festival, however the children that accompany you are your responsibility. We no longer offer children’s programming, but do encourage all parents to cooperatively offer activities/crafts 😉  Feast of the Dead is an 18+ event.

Can I Bring My “Fur-Babies”?
OakHaven is a private homestead, therefore for the safety of everyone in attendance and the farm animals, we will not allow pets to be on site. However we do allow licensed service animals. **Please note you will be required to show their certification for insurance purposes.

What About Food?
You may bring your own food.  There is an LCBO, grocery stores and a Tim Horton’s located near by. We encourage co-operative meals. There will be a communal kitchen pavilion area provided. This area will include a coffee maker, BBQ, induction burner, bar fridge and wash basins for your usage. The bar fridge does fill quickly, so be prepared. Please be conscious of others and maintain cleanliness at all times.

Are There Cooking Fires?
The main Revel area is a sacred space and therefore will not be accessible for cooking. However there will be a barbecue and communal kitchen pavilion set up for your use. No new fire pits are to be dug. You are welcome to bring fire bowls that stand at least 6″ above the ground if you would wish to have a private fire at your site (no outside wood please).

Do I Need to Bring a Mess Kit?
Yes, please bring your own MESS KIT (plate, bowl, cup, spoon, fork, knife). The kitchen pavilion will be setup with a wash area.

What are the Rules & Regulations?
Upon registering you agree to adhere to all the Rules and Regulations of Spirits of the Earth.

What Should I Bring?
This time of year Southwestern Ontario is perfect for camping, days are full of sunshine and the nights are warm. Rain is always a possibility so come prepared. Bring that extra blanket just in case. We also ask that you bring any musical instruments to the festival. We always gather in the evenings for drumming, dancing, singing and more, so why not join in the fun? Bugs are not usually a concern at OakHaven but it never hurts to bring Bug Spray, you never know what they are going to be like. Check out our suggested “Packing List“.

Can I Volunteer?
Spirits of the Earth is a community driven event, run by volunteers who willingly donate their time and energy for the enrichment of us all.  We are dedicated to providing the best value possible for the best price possible.  Unfortunately, admission prices are necessary in order to cover the basic costs of supporting such an event. Entry fees are directly tied to the cost of organizing and running the event. The other necessity are the volunteers. We couldn’t do this without you.  So, don’t forget to sign-up for a shift and do your part to make this festival a community-driven success!

Will There be Vending?
Yes, Spirits of the Earth festival strives to support the array of talents available in our community. All vending information is available here.

What if I Have Allergies & Other Health Concerns:
While the safety and welfare of all of our friends is of paramount importance, we also strongly value liberty and personal accountability. If you have special needs or unique health concerns, our volunteers are willing to assist in any way they can. However, your welfare and safety ultimately rest in your own hands, so please prepare accordingly.

What if I Hurt Myself?
First Aid is available for those who acquire small scratches and bumps that are bound to occur. If an emergency occurs please contact any staff.

Is There Drinking Water?
We are on a treated well therefore it safe for drinking and bathing. Running water is available, as well as lats and outdoor heated showers.

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