Behind the Scenes


I am co-founder of Spirits of the Earth and master organizer of the various events, and love all things artsy. I believe the reason that I put so much energy into Spirits of the Earth is to see people coming together. To, offer an environment where people can learn and grow not only as people but as spirits; learning the ways of olde, and creating bonds with family; Making new friends and strengthening old relationships; A chance to educate folks on the earth and to bring awareness of the healing that needs to take place.

I would like to thank all who come out to support these events; It is you that makes my dream a reality, and leads others to their dreams and new friends. None of this would be possible without you. Seeing the smiles, the inquisitive looks, empowered individuals, and the innocent laughter of the children that drives me to continue offering sacred space. In a world that moves so fast that I could be turned upside down and lost in an instant, it is you that brings me peace and happiness…for this I can’t thank you enough. :O)

I am Married to the most wonderful, gentle, passionate and loving man Fox! Our souls were destined to join together, wandering lost without the other. I can hardly believe the comfort, and oneness that I experience every moment that I am held in his arms, that I am constantly consumed within. Neptune, Smudge and Onyx are my crazy little fur-babies who can’t wait for me to sit down before crawling up into my lap, looking for some mommy cuddle time. I feel blessed to have shared time in this life with Riptyde and Miquela my Sheppard/Wolf puppies, and Symba our kitty who was king of his domain while with us… all of who continue to watch over us from beyond the veil.

Officially I have been practicing & studying paganism since 1991. I have been studying metaphysics, meditation and hands on healing since the age of 5. I believe my calling is to help others, and I feel fulfilled when coaching, mentoring and inspiring others on their journey. I am on a path of alchemical healing. I have achieved my master teachers degree in the Japanese healing art of Usui/Tibetan Reiki with two different masters for a wider perspective and for a deeper learning. I have also obtained my first degree in the Melody Love is in the Earth Crystal Healing, and obtained the Pink Diamond attunement. Other forms of healing that I work with are colors, crystals, tuning forks, energy fields, herbs, and oils.

Most recently I have been honored to be accompanied by many spirit guides, and God/dess’ who have helped lead me down my destined path, to realize my inner powers, encouraging me to stay strong through many difficult times. Thank you for being there, guiding me, and teaching me your ways! I hope to meet many of you great folks at the various events we host (festivals/campouts/open rituals/drumming circles), community events, or walking down the street. P.S. I love hugs ūüėČ


Well here is my little piece of eternity. Wow, what can I say? Where do I start?

First and foremost allow me to take a second and talk about the most important thing in my life, my family. I am married to the most wonderful, beautiful woman and purest soul that the gods could bless this earth with. Tameika is my world, she gives me strength and honours me in everything that she does. Together we resonate at the highest vibrational level, and we have become one entity. She is the air that feeds my flame. I am so glad to be reunited with my “Torn-Apart”. Nothing can come between us we are a pretty unique team, able to lean on each other when need, and just being together reignites our inner purpose.

I have been walking a pagan path for 20+¬†years. ¬†I was co-founder of the “Mhorag Circle”, and more recently the “OakHaven Kindred”. I am a life student¬†of Modern Heathenry (Vanatru). ¬†Creating and building our homestead fills many of my days with joy, and fulfillment. ¬†Getting my hands in the dirt re-energizes my spirit, and makes me feel connected on a deeply intimate level to my Gods, the earth and my ancestors.

On to my fur-babies, Neptune, Smudge, and our youngest Onyx. Neptune is a big attention-getter; “Go ahead sit down” he says; you’ll get a pounce and poof there he is in your lap, purring away…always a lover. Smudge (aka Gremlin depending on the Moon), can be temperamental, but is really a big baby. Our little ball of crazy, Onyx has definitely spiced up the house with her young vibrant energy.

I live for the revel fire and drum jams. Especially merging energies with my drums Phoenix, Kantar, Rynn, or Doum-Tak. We have raised some amazing energy together resulting in¬†some wicked beats. I love learning a¬†diversity of sounds and styles of drumming. I sing Karaoke at home or in the club, and occasionally like to dance, which proves very entertaining to onlookers. ¬†This may ¬†be encouraged by the smooth tasting elixirs that emerge from my homestead brewery….wines, beer, and the best tasting mead around (in my humble opinion).


Rogers is still trying to get through the stiffness in his joints to write a bio for us…hopefully we will get one in this lifetime…or should I say this afterlife time?

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