Crafty Magick Making: Part I

Date: 3-4 April 2015
Time: (12pm arrival)
What to Bring: Potluck Dish, BYOB/Crafty Supplies

I know this is Easter weekend, and many may have family obligations, however we happened to have this weekend free, and would love to spend it with our spirit family surrounded in a bubble of inspiration, creativity and love.

OUR GOAL: In 2007, the Spirits of the Earth family introduced our concept of bringing ritual to the revel. This was greeted with enthusiasm, and liberation as everyone encircled the fire awe-inspired. We feel that instead of the festival hosting a ritual or two, that we would transform the entire festival into a ritual all its own. This year we would like to raise the bar a little higher, and open the doors wide for every single member of our community to become an active participant, utilizing their own unique talents. This has lead us to designate every single attendee to an Elemental Tribe for the week. You will have an opportunity to connect to that particular element deep within yourself, and connect with other members of our community. This will build a strong foundation. Inspire each other as you fuel the light within yourself. I would like to work on building a new effigy for this years event.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Feel free to brig whatever you are working on, new things you would like to learn, or something you saw on Pinterest that you would like to try your hand at… in a fun, supportive and empowering environment. Or just hang out with us, give some feedback and help others with their projects.Come together as COMMUNITY, as we prepare for the upcoming Spirits of the Earth Festival. Crafting, Magic Making, Camaraderie, and much Merry-Making.

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