Change is in the Air

Have you felt the change in the air?   I have felt its refreshing essence swirling around me over the past few months.  Initially this created some feelings of unease, and maybe even some fears, not knowing what exactly was brewing.  After frantically searching for a “why” or “what, I chose to embrace grace, and open my heart. I chose to let go and have faith that these changes would carry me where I need to be, and reveal my purpose. Being well connected to Spirit enhances and enriches my life on every level, yet sorting out what exactly the Gods intend for us and SOTEF has been quite a journey.  Fox and I have embarked on an adventure of transition. Taking a step back to deeply reflect and dedicate the time to receiving these integral messages.

We shared this experience with our closest kindred, and it opened some empowering discussions. As it turns out they too have been feeling a definite surge/calling; We realized that our energies are in sync and it’s together that we must move forward.  This got me to thinking, are you too feeling this huge shift in our current reality? Feeling like there is something more, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

We decided to reflect on what means the most to us, and came to realize that YOU are our reason.  With the way things have been going we have not had the time and energy during the event to give you the one on one attention we would like.  It is the deep connections to our Tribe that fuels us to grow, support, and challenge not only ourselves but everyone else in our community. Being with our kindred, beautifying our surroundings, and enjoying creative activities, infuses each moment with an attitude of joy and awe. We sense that is what You, as our tribe is also craving more of.

When you take others into consideration while making decisions, you acknowledge that the people around you have needs and are worthy of respect. Today we consider the needs of our staff and the community, and anticipate that our new direction is one that fulfills everyone’s needs.

After much inner reflection and consideration, we collectively reached the decision that Spirits of the Earth must change along with us.  It’s not time for Spirits of the Earth to sleep…in fact she is transforming; her energy frequency is elevating and growing.  We have always known that “Spirits of the Earth” was not simply an event…but an ideal, a lifestyle, and a community that carries an energy all its own.

We are in a society that has fewer and fewer opportunities to really connect; to feel part of something greater; to be heard and understood. There is such an abundance of large festival events these days that there is no longer a ‘need’ to fulfill.  We are being guided to create a gathering that cultivates a more intimate environment. One that offers intensive and practical style workshops. One that focuses on building and strengthening bonds. A place that will help shift our community into a higher level of understanding and empowerment, as we find the magick deep within ourselves.

Spirits of the Earth currently hosts multiple events a year, and the festival was the apex.  We have heard the calling to deepen our connections with the earth, our guides, and our fellow kindred spirits.  Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, it has come time to make a transformation and spread our wings.  The July festival will experience the most change in this shift.

What are the changes for the Festival?
It will now be hosted at OakHaven, verses renting a campground.  This will give us greater continuity with future dates, and allow us to offer rates that are economical for both individuals and families.   The first thing to note is that there will be a date change….this year the festival will be taking place on 13-16 JULY 2017. Our theme is “The Fire Within”, and will continue to host nightly revel fires complete live entertainment, drumming and dancing. This event will be limited to 50 attendees, allowing us to place a greater focus on individual experience.

It is said that everything we do is imprinted with our energy, which others can feel when they see or touch our work.  Keeping this in mind helps us to understand how important our attitude can be when engaged in any activity we pursue.  While a neutral mindset might help us create a positive outcome, a joyful mindset is more likely to create an amazing one.  Simply by choosing to infuse everything we do with enthusiasm, we can create more beauty, love, abundance, and joy that will radiate out to enhance not only our lives, but the lives of all who encounter our work.

We are inspired to use our imaginations to create more beauty in our lives. To enhance our surroundings and better express our creativity. Since one of the most powerful emotions in the creative process is JOY, we plan to enhance our mindset by choosing to feel joyful and happy at every possible opportunity. With our new attitude of fun and enthusiasm, we set a positive example for others, and everyone ends up winning.  We create a victory for ourselves and others by simply choosing to enjoy the time we spend together.

We Call all SOTEF Kindred & Like-Minded, Nature Lovers!
This is a very exciting time for the Spirits of the Earth community and we are beaming with the possibilities.  We shall build lasting memories within sacred space that is judgment free, supportive, encouraging, and uplifting; We look forward to reinforcing our relationships and building a strong, energetic, unified community; One that places value in honour, loyalty, commitment, integrity, and personal growth. We welcome you to join us on this adventure, share in the experience, connect with others on a deep spiritual level, share your passions, and inspire others…as we laugh, dance and sing our way through this wonderful journey called life.

Love & Light,
Spirits of the Earth

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