Entertainment: Foxwood Rhythms

Let’s first admit that we all like to sing. We often sing in the car, while having a shower and so on, but the sensation that you are singing in a public place, knowing that everybody is watching you is quite different. Singing takes your troubles away and is relaxing, that’s why so many people get addicted to it.

Tameika and Fox will be spinning some fun on the opening night of the festival. Karaoke is always full of fun and great music! There are a lot of great undiscovered singers out there. A little courage and some back up music, and you’re off!

If you really don’t like to sing, well you can always get up on the dance floor and shake it. Being a singer myself, it is always great when people are dancing in front of you. Come join us and release all of your stresses from the mundane world, in preparation of an amazing spiritual experience that the week ahead has in store for you!

Karaoke Dance Party hosted by Fox and Tameika will be on Wednesday night.

Entertainment: Castalia

Deep rhythms, sweet melodies, haunting vocals, celtic harp and acoustic guitar with rich textured accompaniments to pagan lyrics old and new. Beautiful melodies, and evocative lyrics that you can listen to any time, any where. Her sound will entice movement and offer space for meditation. Ontario-born and raised, Castalia has been making music in and out of ritual for decades. She will perform music from her upcoming CD, as well as fan favourites from her previous five albums.

From her humble beginnings as a folk-singer in pubs and coffeehouses in the seventies, Castalia abandoned secular music, and turned her full attention to music for the Gods and the Craft in 1994. She was called to serve the Old Gods of Britain and became a High Priestess in the Alexandrian Tradition in 1989, and then completed her Odyssean studies for initiation in the Odyssean Tradition in 1990.

From the mystical magical moods of the Celtic and British past, to Samba sounds, Rock Rhythms, and the Medieval Harmonics of the Harp; all rooted in the folk traditions of the British Isles with a touch of the World Beat to make the lyrics come alive.

She has systematically (but without a particular plan) added harp, mandolin, and a varieties of woodwinds and percussion to her arsenal, and studied music at Mohawk College before and after finishing her Honours Degrees in Anthropology, Religious Studies and Education at McMaster and Brock Universities. In 2008 she opened “Cat Hair Studios” which is a recording and engineering studio specifically to support and promote pagan musical creativity.

Curious about this music? Check out her sound Here.

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Thursday evening.

Entertainment: Tara Rice

Weaving a god’s eye. S’mores over a fire on a brisk autumn night. Tara Rice, Toronto-based vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, conjures gothic romanticism between layers of spirited storytelling. Though the majority of Rice’s latest EP, Panorama, was written, recorded and performed in her Bloor Street apartment, the mood of this alternative folk-rock album transcends the concrete city vibe.

The songs, along with Tara’s multifaceted, distinctive voice, sweep and shape-shift through genres and influences (a bit of PJ Harvey grunge here, some Sandy Denny folk there). By times the songs summon psychedelic pastoral vistas, and at other times conjure crisp, cool, dark forests. Tara Rice’s music leads the listener into an evocative and welcoming world that possesses a modern mythical perspective wholly its own.

Check out her sound Here.

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Friday evening.

Spirits of the Earth 2018

We have confirmed our 2018 dates!!!

11-15 JULY 2018

Last year we focused on finding our inner spark and the Flame Within. This years theme is RISE: Resonate Internally and Shine Externally.    We will find the parts of us we value the most; those that make us unique.  We will then learn how we can share those skills with our tribe…creating a powerful foundation of strength, loyalty and honour.

We encourage folks to arrive on Wednesday evening so we can begin our journey first thing the following morning.  We will begin by preparing our temporary village and catching up around the fire, and sharing stories of our adventures since we last gathered. Thursday is the new moon and we will utilize that energy to embrace our truths, and rejoice in our authentic selves as our personal resonance synchronizes with our tribe. Friday the 13th we will shift our focus to magickal workings, divination and spirit connection; inclusive of raising the Freya pole at OakHaven.  Saturday will be a celebration of our tribe and our sacred space as we prepare for an night of feasting, celebration, revelry, honoring and gift giving.

Registration is OPEN!

Add it to your calendars folks. We’ll dance with the spirits, and revel in the energies once again!



KINection has been cancelled as a weekend event.  However we will still be hosting a Bonfire on Saturday night.
May 19th, 6pm-11pm.  Donations are welcome.


Date: 18-21 May 2018
Time: Arrivals 5pm on Friday
Cost: $40/adult, $10/child (0-9yrs Free)
What to Bring: Camping gear, drums, BYOB/Crafty Supplies, anything else you would like to dabble with.


May long weekend is here and camping season has officially started. We welcome you to join us for a long weekend of fun which will include craftiness, community building, body painting, drumming, dancing, story-telling, organic impromptu ritual, fire breathing and other fun activities to prepare for the upcoming fest season.

CRAFTY MAGICK MAKING: Feel free to bring whatever you are working on, new things you would like to learn, or something you saw on Pinterest that you would like to try your hand at… in a fun, supportive and empowering environment. Or just hang out with us, give some feedback and help others with their projects.

Come together as KIN, share space and time, bonding with your chosen family. Where we can relax, share stories, play games, enjoy the fire, and build a true sense of belonging with each other.

DRUM CIRCLE: “Tribal breath fueled by the primal heat. Ancient rhythm carried by the vessels chosen. Sun drenched bodies illuminated by the flames of the fire. Voicing the melody of the Mother” ~ Lupa Bardy (quoted with permission)

We invite you to revel with us in a drum circle. These are great for releasing the stresses of everyday life, or for attuning yourself to the natural rhythms of the earth. Great for all experience levels. Instruments are not required. Children are welcome. Drumming, dancing, singing, and chanting.

NOTES: This is a rustic outdoor event so please be prepared (lawn chairs, blanket/sweater, bug repellent, etc). There will be an outdoor kitchen area…check out our FAQ’s. Please feel free to bring a tent if you plan on having a few drinks.  The house is strictly off-limits, however there is access to outdoor showers, barbecue, kitchen, and pavilion areas.

Winter Blues Social

Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.

When you’re cold from the inside out, remember love and friendship; it is then that warmth will find you.

Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, just as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter.

Lets ignite our hearts and melt away the winter. Join us for a day of love, friendship, and laughter. Games, Karaoke, and random shenanigans.

Note: This is a BYOB/Potluck event! Donations welcome.

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