Entertainment: Castalia

Deep rhythms, sweet melodies, haunting vocals, celtic harp and acoustic guitar with rich textured accompaniments to pagan lyrics old and new. Beautiful melodies, and evocative lyrics that you can listen to any time, any where. Her sound will entice movement and offer space for meditation. Ontario-born and raised, Castalia has been making music in and out of ritual for decades. She will perform music from her upcoming CD, as well as fan favourites from her previous five albums.

From her humble beginnings as a folk-singer in pubs and coffeehouses in the seventies, Castalia abandoned secular music, and turned her full attention to music for the Gods and the Craft in 1994. She was called to serve the Old Gods of Britain and became a High Priestess in the Alexandrian Tradition in 1989, and then completed her Odyssean studies for initiation in the Odyssean Tradition in 1990.

From the mystical magical moods of the Celtic and British past, to Samba sounds, Rock Rhythms, and the Medieval Harmonics of the Harp; all rooted in the folk traditions of the British Isles with a touch of the World Beat to make the lyrics come alive.

She has systematically (but without a particular plan) added harp, mandolin, and a varieties of woodwinds and percussion to her arsenal, and studied music at Mohawk College before and after finishing her Honours Degrees in Anthropology, Religious Studies and Education at McMaster and Brock Universities. In 2008 she opened “Cat Hair Studios” which is a recording and engineering studio specifically to support and promote pagan musical creativity.

Curious about this music? Check out her sound Here.

You can catch this amazing performance at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Thursday evening.

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