Fox’s Rune-Cast: 14Mar16

This week I pulled 2 cause well you asked for it!

#Laguz: the Sacred waters strong enough to cut a rock in half, but soothing enough to heal.
#Uruz: is the endless process of cleansing and reshaping your world.

Sounds like we all will be working with Water this week.

#pagansofinstagram #runeblessing #norse  #wearespiritsoftheearth


Fox’s Rune-Cast: 28Feb16

2016-02-28_12.04.29Today’s cast looks to bring many blessings to the Spirits of the Earth family.

#Wunjo brings the persistence to push through all strife to gain Joy and blessings;
#Ansuz brings the godly gift of communication and the breath of life
#Elhaz speaks of Protection and the ability to make it holy and sacred;

May you always have Joy in your communications. Let your words be powerful enough that they come from the gods. May the Sacred Light hold you secure in their arms.

#blessings #norse #wisdom #pagansofinstagram #londonontario #wearespiritsoftheearth

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