KINection has been cancelled as a weekend event.  However we will still be hosting a Bonfire on Saturday night.
May 19th, 6pm-11pm.  Donations are welcome.


Date: 18-21 May 2018
Time: Arrivals 5pm on Friday
Cost: $40/adult, $10/child (0-9yrs Free)
What to Bring: Camping gear, drums, BYOB/Crafty Supplies, anything else you would like to dabble with.


May long weekend is here and camping season has officially started. We welcome you to join us for a long weekend of fun which will include craftiness, community building, body painting, drumming, dancing, story-telling, organic impromptu ritual, fire breathing and other fun activities to prepare for the upcoming fest season.

CRAFTY MAGICK MAKING: Feel free to bring whatever you are working on, new things you would like to learn, or something you saw on Pinterest that you would like to try your hand at… in a fun, supportive and empowering environment. Or just hang out with us, give some feedback and help others with their projects.

Come together as KIN, share space and time, bonding with your chosen family. Where we can relax, share stories, play games, enjoy the fire, and build a true sense of belonging with each other.

DRUM CIRCLE: “Tribal breath fueled by the primal heat. Ancient rhythm carried by the vessels chosen. Sun drenched bodies illuminated by the flames of the fire. Voicing the melody of the Mother” ~ Lupa Bardy (quoted with permission)

We invite you to revel with us in a drum circle. These are great for releasing the stresses of everyday life, or for attuning yourself to the natural rhythms of the earth. Great for all experience levels. Instruments are not required. Children are welcome. Drumming, dancing, singing, and chanting.

NOTES: This is a rustic outdoor event so please be prepared (lawn chairs, blanket/sweater, bug repellent, etc). There will be an outdoor kitchen area…check out our FAQ’s. Please feel free to bring a tent if you plan on having a few drinks.  The house is strictly off-limits, however there is access to outdoor showers, barbecue, kitchen, and pavilion areas.

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 08May17

In this, the gap between the sun and snow, we draw within ourselves, sow the seeds, and lay the tracks of our path. Call on your Fylgja (fetch), it will help you on your dark, conservative journey. It will guide you and work with you. Focus on your internal growth and spiritual well-being during this time.
#runeblessing #weareSpiritsoftheEarth #norsewisdom #runes #heathen #futhark #Freyja #fylgja

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 04Apr17

Man in their mirth, are a gift to the folk, lest you be departed. Elk protecting the path that is lit and bright for the seeds in the dark.
Ever on its course it never fails, when hearth and home are on the mouths for the longing of Family and Kin.

#runeblessing #norsewisdom #runes #weareSpiritsoftheEarth #heathen #furhark

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 31Oct16

Wealth is a comfort to everyone, Need is narrow in the chest. The field is wrought with frost. The torch burns brightest where noble folk gather, for the darkness of night never rests. Hold tight your kith and Kin, for mother’s protection you are in.
#darkwinternights #Samhain #norsewisdom #kindred #paganism #halloween

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 12Oct16

#Uruz – Shows the growth of wisdom from within. The creative life force driving up from the #Mimir’s well and then down the branches of Yggdrassil.
#Kenaz – Crafting knowledge into action, a primal initiation inside the mound.
#Pertho – understanding the synchronization of the mysterious and the divine.
#Elhaz- rules the pathways from folk to the gods. Spirit in earthly form.
Looks like a great time to tap into the well of knowledge.. transformation and gaining of wisdom are prevalent this week. Reach your roots deep into the well and sup of the fount.
Hail wisdom seekers!
#norsewisdom #galdr #weareSpiritsoftheEarth

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 03Jul16


On this long holiday weekend, we wanted to take a second to show our national pride. So, why not include it in our cast #OhCanada #westandonguardforthee

#Berkano – gives us the ability of a Mother’s nurturing and compassion. But also blesses us with her bountifulness and fertility in creation
#Elhaz – is the powerful Elk which brings protection and strength of will from the Gods. Call it down it is there for you!
#Pertho – by drawing your lot, you take your chances. Roll the bones. What will your Wyrd be? What do the #Fates have in store?
#Eihwaz – keeper of the ‘fire’ that is the Sacred magic of the Yew tree.
#Raidho – the strong willed rider is controlled movement, take aim and go forward.
#Laguz – cleanses, shapes and offers guidance of liquid force.

With the divine feminine energy and the protection of the Ancients, do not fear trying your Luck this week. You are on a forward path armed with the sacred wisdom, the flexibility of shape, the will of a mounted cavalry. You are unstoppable, and in charge #dontlookback you’re not going that way!

#runeblessing #norsewisdom #spiritsfest #weareSpiritsoftheEarth #pagansofinstagram #londonontario #troth

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 26Jun16

IMG_20160626_085455This week, the Gods are driving.

#Othala – binds us to the laws and oaths of our Kin/clan
#Thurisaz – shows us great strength, fruitfulness, and good #orløg
#Ansuz – tells us to listen to the guidance of our #wights and the gods
#Tiwaz – shows us that our path has but one direction, the highest path should be taken
#Sowilo – gives us the #invincible power of will. Use the Sun’s #energy when you need it.
#Jera – focuses on the year. This year will be one of #bountiful harvest.

In all things #honour your #ancestors family and Clan! Raise them up and they will lift you up when you need them.

#runeblessing #norsewisdom #spiritsfest #weareSpiritsoftheEarth

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 05Jun16

2016-06-05_09.52.59Of runes they spoke, and the reading of #runes was little withheld from their lips: at the High One’s hall, in the High One’s hall,
I thus heard the High One say:

#Elhaz – protection
#Laguz – water
#Nauthiz – need fire

How do these speak to you? Do you need the #protection of the#healing water? Do you need a good #fire to warm your #spirit?

#weareSpiritsoftheEarth #londonontario #spiritsfest #tameikafox #pagansofinstagram #runeblessing #norse

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 03Apr16

IMG_20160403_173412Rune-Cast of the week:

#Mannaz – the rational mind
#Uruz – the powerful unconscious shaping of energy
#Raidho – controlled movement
#Thurisaz – Brute strength and durability
#Othala – binding words to Kin and Clan

Using your own power, reshape all that chaos in your day to day, to your benefit. Create a path for yourself, you have to use that chaotic force, it will lead you to the strong bonds of kith and Kin. Your oath must always be strong on this journey cause clan will always have your back.

#troth #londonontario #spiritsfest #pagansofinstagram #runeblessing #norse #runes

Fox’s Rune-Cast: 29Mar16

IMG_20160329_071717Bringing this to you a bit late this week, but hey we have 5 #runes this time.

#Mannaz – the rational mind
#Elhaz – protection and strength
#Isa – ice, slowing your energies
#Sowilo – the Power of the sun
#Nauthiz – the inner need-fire

As the sun begins to warm and melt the snow, this is the time to focus on your personal needs. Reflect on what drives you, what warms you? What are your thoughts? Tell me below!

#norsepaganism #londonontario#spiritsfest #pagansofinstagram#runeblessing #wearespiritsoftheearth

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