2015: A Whirl-Wind Week

WhirlWindWhat a whirl-wind week…one that has left us with smiles to carry us through til next we meet. Our community….our chosen family never ceases to amaze, empower, enlighten, inform, acknowledge and inspire. Thank you to everyone who attended, or helped to make Spirits of the Earth Festival 2015 an incredible experience.

The new site was a perfect fit for us, and they LOVED US too! Complete with skyclad camping area, lake for swimming, obstacle course which added extra challenges to our Gathering of the Tribes, and a secluded fire-pit with the best fires…ALL HAIL THE FIREKEEPER!

The elemental tribes really stepped it up to bring some fierce competition and powerful rituals, and the Gnome made his rounds this year, making it out in one piece. Lindorm our bard hosted our Viking Sumble, and showed us how easy hula hooping really can be. Our stage was filled with some pretty incredible talent staring with our Karaoke hosted by Foxwood Rhythms, Indigo Crush, Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard, The Devil’s Drink, and Gypsy Ghosts. We had an incredible response to our fantastic workshop presenters, and I even got in some shopping with our friendly vendors with their colourful array of trinkets. I remember every smiling face new and old, but I couldn’t possible remember all the amazing moments that I was a part of this year…not wanting to blink and miss a magickal experience lead to very little zzz’s, perhaps the memories will return once I catch up on some sleep lol.

Congratulations to our Bardic winners, Patrick for being brave and crazy enough to dress-up in stripy tights, rock the antennae and metallic gold skin in a Silly dance. Jessica won for the children’s bardic with her acapella version of Coat of Many Colors.

I want to send a huge heartfelt THANK YOU and BIG PROPS to our amazing staff members Diana, Gene, Tammy, Kimi, Snow, Greg, Lindorm, Britt, Liz…we simply could not make this happen without you. You guys truly mean the world to us.

Signing off with Much Love & Deep Gratitude,
Tameika & Fox

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