The Workshops

Here is our line-up for 2017, stay tuned as our web goddess brings you more updates!
Please note workshops may be subject to change.

Brannwen FireCrow

Brannwen FireCrow is a Celtic Reconstructionalist who specializes in Ancestral Magic. As a Sagittarius Fire Sign she often embodies and connects to sacred flames. Brannwen is on the path to becoming a priestess in her own right.

Rune Candles
Brannwen will teach how to create Enchanted Rune Candles. Anyone who attends will walk away with their own personal enchanted candle. Note: Enchanting your candle requires a small taste of honey. Those who don’t like honey might not enjoy. 

Ritual Sacrifice
Humans and animals weren’t the only things sacrificed in ancient times. Archaeologists still find vases and goblets, broken in sacrifice, lying in Celtic graves. Join Brannwen and learn the sacred art of ritually sacrificing objects.

Star Magic: The Cold Fire
Lets talk about the stars! Join Brannwen as she teaches the magic of the ancient stars and draws down their energy to bless us. Bring a Blanket and anything you’d like enchanted with star magic!

How to Cast Spells with Your Orgasms
This risque class will talk about the ability and benefits of using this divine human experience to cast spells. Join Brannwen and learn several techniques to harness this power and direct towards your intent. 18+



Deb is a member of the Wiccan Church of Canada Hamilton Temple. She has been pagan since 1999 when she moved to London. Since then she has relocated to Hamilton. Deb was a member of the SOTEF staff for twelve years, and now shares her knowledge by offering workshops.

Mask Making
Masks are one of the ways in which we slip from the mundane world into the magical world, helping us to make that connection.  In this workshop we will create our own magical mask, starting off with some basic patterns or if you are an artist you can always draw one that calls to you.  Using tule as the base you will build your design using a hot glue gun, cut it out and decorate it using paints, glitter and other decorations.  Then wear your new creation as we join in the drumming and dancing around the ritual fire.

Chants & Song
Music and chants have long been used to raise energy, celebrate life, and teach.  In this workshop I will talk a bit about what chants are and how they are used,  Then you will take part in learning some of the many songs and chants that have been used around campfires, and in rituals.  In the evenings around the campfires we will all join in singing and chanting, as we watch the flames dance and soar.

Mistress of Ceremonies


Justin Darling

A brain performance coach, Justin Darling has helped hundreds of people across Ontario change their lives while only at the start of his career. Justin has been fascinated with the brain since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 21.

Chakra Talk: A Modern Approach to Ancient Wisdom
We’ll be moving and connecting with our chakras. Just the 7 basic chakras will be covered. You’ll be left with objective tools and strategies to help manage this ancient system.



Luna is a practicing Divination Artist. She likes to share her art and methods with people. She will guide you to channel your inner healing and spiritual connection in order to awaken your personal creative expression.

Calling All Faeries
We will be tapping our playful and light hearts to make a calling wand to welcome in the fairies and request their help, healing and guidance. While sharing stories and experiences during our working to enhance our connection and intentions.


Sharlaine * Cancelled

Sharlaine was born with one foot in the spiritual realm and one foot on the physical. From her earliest memory she’s been aware of spirit, and other worldly dimensions. Sharlaine spent her life learning modalities to tap into the spiritual side.

The Akashic Records
The Akashic Records are a compendium of thoughts, events, and emotions stored in the ether. It holds information on every soul and its journey. We all have access to the records that can help us understand and heal our lives.

Tameika & Fox

Fox and Tameika have been practicing together for 20+ years. They are the founders and coordinators of Spirits of the Earth Festival, Founders of the “Mhorag” Coven founded in 1999, and a public face in the mystical community. Appearing in numerous media spots including newspapers, magazines, Radio shows, and Podcasts. Tameika & Fox strives to bring the local pagan community together to create unity, peace and harmony within. Tameika and Fox have made it a priority to include activity into their everyday lives. With years of experiences behind them involving both fitness, and nutrition, we are ready to help the community realize that it is easy to incorporate fun activity on a daily basis, to create a more balanced, happier YOU!

Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual
Our annual Spirits of the Earth Festival is a retreat, camping festival, and gathering that fosters community, celebration, and a deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire. We welcome all who wish to express their support of spiritual diversity and come together as a like-minded community in an inclusive setting. Even those of you attending for the first time are amazed to find such a welcoming and accepting festive gathering that celebrates nature and the spirit within. This year there are many activities to experience including rituals, concerts, workshops, dancing, drumming, and nightly bonfires. Each year’s Spirits of the Earth Festival has a theme, and this year that theme is “The Fire Within”. We will take everyone on a journey that will help gain awareness of their inner-selves, cleanse away that which no longer serves, and help find their place within the community. We will use the earth energies and our ancestral connections to strengthen our spirit. Let us come together to celebrate and unify with all that surrounds us, ushering in a new epoch of community and spiritual emergence.

Gathering of the Minds: Coffee~Breakfast~Chat
Grab a cup of java, some breakfast and join us for some stimulating conversation. Our ancestors knew the power of listening to our elders and the spirits that share our journey. It was an integral step in learning about ourselves and the world around us. We invite you to join us in an open forum discussion, beginning with the topic mentioned above, and then see where our conversations take us. Body, Mind, Spirit: Finding the Balance; The Deeper Meaning of Gratitude & How to Sumble; Be Present & Just Do It.

Closing Ceremonies: Community Empowerment
This year’s Closing Ceremonies will celebrate the sense of community and oneness with spirit fostered over the past 4-days, and will empower everyone to take that raised sense of spirit back home with them into their own communities. Announcements will be made and everyone will have the chance to say until next time to old and new friends alike. We will revel in what we all experienced together, with a sense of sadness that it’s come to an end for another year, but with a renewed sense of hope and faith… not only that we will all meet again soon but that we are all at the beginning of a greater journey together.

Tribal Games
All ages of our tribe shall gather together, as we engage and compete in Tribal Games such as Kub, Axe/Knife Throwing, Archery, and the infamous Viking Chest Game. These are meant to foster community spirit and healthy competition, which will bring people together and celebrate a communal sense that together we are stronger and can conquer any challenge that presents itself. Please note above all else, we intend to invoke FUN!

Men’s Ritual
We gather to share our journey; to provide support, advice and insight to one another. This is a place where men can share their wisdom, their pride, their vital strength and their responsibilities. We shall speak to each other from the heart with honesty and without fear of judgement. We open the gates, seek blessings, recognize and welcome all facets of masculinity; from farmer to hunter, father to elder, physical to creative. We all have something to offer, so come and be recognized by your tribe! We will bless and honour Freyr as the first addition to OakHaven’s Vé. All Men are welcome!

Women’s Ritual
Sisters in Spirit must be open to other women to join in our transformation and healing. This is very necessary in order that we may continue to grow in spirit; we must not allow ourselves to cut off our flow of love. Let us gather to nurture creativity, banish self-limiting beliefs, and empower ourselves. Own your feelings and experiences, take creative risks, and allow your deepest yearnings to take root and blossom. Come ready to share in a judgement free supportive circle, be open to learning new ways to achieve personal growth, and become part of an incredible circle of empowered women.

The Masks We Wear
We wander through life playing roles, wearing masks to fit the occasion. Only a few of us get wise enough to realize we aren’t our masks! Come and release all that you hide behind, and shine your beautiful light for all the world to see. For it is only once we embrace our true nature, free from the confines placed upon us; that the world will become a brighter place.


Zibby Kozak

Most of Zibby’s studies have been performed as a solitaire, and he does not belong to any specific tradition – experience is eclectic.  Coming from a logical and engineering mind he is driven to research all available resources and exercise the knowledge obtain from his personal experiences.  Zibby recommends that you keep practicing; after all that is how he learned about the tarot, reflexology and Reiki.

Reiki: Foundation for Beginners
This is essentially an introduction to energy healing.  You will learn some history, and practical exercises leading to increased ability to perform Reiki healing. A demonstration of the method will also be included.

Reiki: Advanced Techniques
For Reiki or any other energy medicine practitioners. Zibby will share his experience about using more advanced methods, whether with distance healing or in-person sessions. Join us to get in touch with your inner healer.

Feet Yoga: Reflexology for Yourself
For people with no experience in practicing reflexology, but have a willingness to  explore it in a supportive environment. Reflexology practitioners will teach you a few exercises and tricks about how to perform self care and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Sprouting Basics
Learn the benefits of growing and eating sprouts.  Seeds are a perfect source of all natural vitamins, enzymes and amino-acids for new life to be born. Learn how, when, and what you need to start and where to get it.

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