The Workshops

Here is our line-up for 2018, stay tuned as our web goddess brings you more updates!
Please note workshops may be subject to change.

Brannwen FireCrow

Brannwen FireCrow is a Celtic Reconstructionalist who specializes in Ancestral Magic. As a Sagittarius Fire Sign she often embodies and connects to sacred flames. Brannwen is on the path to becoming a priestess in her own right.



Luna is a practicing Divination Artist. She likes to share her art and methods with people. She will guide you to channel your inner healing and spiritual connection in order to awaken your personal creative expression.

Calling All Faeries
We will be tapping our playful and light hearts to make a calling wand to welcome in the fairies and request their help, healing and guidance. While sharing stories and experiences during our working to enhance our connection and intentions.


Mike Lutz

Tribal Games
All ages of our tribe shall gather together, as we engage and compete in Tribal Games such as Kub, Axe/Knife Throwing, Archery, and the infamous Viking Chest Game. These are meant to foster community spirit and healthy competition, which will bring people together and celebrate a communal sense that together we are stronger and can conquer any challenge that presents itself. Please note above all else, we intend to invoke FUN!


Tameika & Fox

Fox and Tameika have been practicing together for 20+ years. They are the founders and coordinators of Spirits of the Earth Festival, Founders of the “Mhorag” Coven founded in 1999, and a public face in the mystical community. Appearing in numerous media spots including newspapers, magazines, Radio shows, and Podcasts. Tameika & Fox strives to bring the local pagan community together to create unity, peace and harmony within. Tameika and Fox have made it a priority to include activity into their everyday lives. With years of experiences behind them involving both fitness, and nutrition, we are ready to help the community realize that it is easy to incorporate fun activity on a daily basis, to create a more balanced, happier YOU!

Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual
Our annual Spirits of the Earth Festival is a retreat, camping festival, and gathering that fosters community, celebration, and a deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire. We welcome all who wish to express their support of spiritual diversity and come together as a like-minded community in an inclusive setting. Even those of you attending for the first time are amazed to find such a welcoming and accepting festive gathering that celebrates nature and the spirit within. This year there are many activities to experience including rituals, concerts, workshops, dancing, drumming, and nightly bonfires. Each year’s Spirits of the Earth Festival has a theme, and this year that theme is “The Fire Within”. We will take everyone on a journey that will help gain awareness of their inner-selves, cleanse away that which no longer serves, and help find their place within the community. We will use the earth energies and our ancestral connections to strengthen our spirit. Let us come together to celebrate and unify with all that surrounds us, ushering in a new epoch of community and spiritual emergence.

Gathering of the Minds: Coffee~Breakfast~Chat
Grab a cup of java, some breakfast and join us for some stimulating conversation. Our ancestors knew the power of listening to our elders and the spirits that share our journey. It was an integral step in learning about ourselves and the world around us. We invite you to join us in an open forum discussion, beginning with the topic mentioned above, and then see where our conversations take us. Body, Mind, Spirit: Finding the Balance; The Deeper Meaning of Gratitude & How to Sumble; Be Present & Just Do It.

Closing Ceremonies: Community Empowerment
This year’s Closing Ceremonies will celebrate the sense of community and oneness with spirit fostered over the past 5-days, and will empower everyone to take that raised sense of spirit back home with them into their own communities. Announcements will be made and everyone will have the chance to say until next time to old and new friends alike. We will revel in what we all experienced together, with a sense of sadness that it’s come to an end for another year, but with a renewed sense of hope and faith… not only that we will all meet again soon but that we are all at the beginning of a greater journey together.

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