Past Highlights

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2016 ~ Moving from Magick to Divine

Performers: Foxwood Rhythms, Scott Brunelle, Doghouse Rose, Viking Sumble & Bardic Feast, Rose Cora Perry, Kate Channer Band, Sharon Knight.

Presenters: Amy Taylor, Candise Pacheco, Charlene Pratt, Deb Grant, Donna Conrad, Gita Gupta, Kimi Bois, Lindorm, Pixie By Design, Tabi Brown, Tameika & Fox, Zibby Kozak, Becca Wiggins.

Vendors: Gypsy Scents, Inner Insights, Pixie By Design, Midnight Frog, Reiki & Reflexology at Salt Cave.

Adult Workshops: The Secret Life of Tea: The TranquiliTea of Tea Ritual, The Art of Being: Daily Connection with the Divine, The Phases of the Moon/The Phases of Your Womb, Consciousness Design Workshop: Discover Your Creative Power (Part I/II), So You Want to Create a Ritual (Part I/II), Women’s Ritual: Creating and Earth Healing Mandala, Affirmations: How they Work, The History of Wicca, Beginning Yoga Asana’s, Lower Body Balancing, Flow of Asana’s, Elemental Aromatherapy: Flowing with Water, Elemental Aromatherapy: Grounding with Earth, Elemental Aromatherapy: Soaring with Air, Elemental Aromatherapy: Burning with Fire, Back to Your Roots, The Sorcerous Currents and the Masks they Wear: The Sorcerous Musings of a Touched Bard, The Ten Pillars of Sorcery: The Keys to the Recondite Art, Implementing the Essence of a Sorcerous Current: Spell Chalk, Hair Wrapping, Henna: Preparation and History, Henna: Practical Application, Transgender Issues, Meet & Greet, Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual, Gathering of the Realms: Unity Challenge, Frolicking with the Elements: Ritual Preparation and Body Art, Closing Ceremonies: Community Empowerment, Reiki: Foundation for Beginners, Reiki: Advanced Techniques, Feet Yoga: Reflexology for Yourself, Sprouting Basics.

Child Workshops: Morning Ritual, Blessings, Meditation,  GTKY Games, Scavenger Hunt, Bardic Performance Rehearsal, Outdoor Free Play, Exploring the Beach, Voyage to the Trolls Hut, Frolicking with the Faeries, Magick Wands, Faerie Crowns, Faerie House, Magick Lanterns, Faery Garden Games, Pillage and Plunder, Faery/Dragon Wings, Nature Spirits: Photo Flowers, Dream Catchers, Fire Flies.

Bardic Winners: Adult: Rebecca Wilson, Child: Josh Beauvais

2015 ~ Awakening the Knowledge Within the Blood

Performers: Ginger Doss, Lynda Millard, Gypsy Ghosts, Devil’s Drink, Indigo Crush, Foxwood Rhythms, Viking Sumble & Bardic, Elemental Tributes.

Presenters: Allison Boswell, Braanwen FireCrow, David Turner, Gene Vandevyvere, Ginger Doss, Kelly Souva, Kimi ‘Gypsy’ Bois, Lindorm Odinsson, Tameika & Fox, Tiffany Lazic, Pauline Halstead, Pixie by Design.

Vendors: Altruistic Apothecary, Earth Keeper, Goddess Energy, Gypsy Scents, Pixie By Design.

Adult Workshops: Getting in touch with Your Spirit Guides, Rune: Asking the Ancestors, The Ancient Elements, Being the Bard, Ancestral Stones, Ritual Sacrifice, Herbal Walk, Ritual Drumming, Druidry in Canada, Open Mic Jam, Meditation Techniques for the Modern Hectic Lifestyle, Chakra Cleansing, Elemental Aromatherapy: Flowing with Water, Elemental Aromatherapy: Grounding with Earth, Elemental Aromatherapy: Soaring with Air, Elemental Aromatherapy: Burning with Fire, The Sorcerous Currents & The Masks They Wear, The Ten Pillars of Sorcery, Implementing the Essence of a Sorcerous Current, Meet & Greet, Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual, Gathering of the Realms: Unity Challenge, Frolicking with the Elements: Ritual Preparation & Body Art, Closing Ceremonies: Community Empowerment, Personal Healing Through Ancient Festivals, Sprouting 101, Hair Wrapping.

Child Workshops: GTKY Games, Nature Walk: Scavenger Hunt, Drama Music & Play, Faerie Garden Banner, Morning Ritual Blessing & Meditation, Outdoor Free Play, Gathering of the Realms, Nature Walk: Exploring the Wetlands, Nature Walk: Voyage to the Troll Hut, Nature Walk: Frolicking with the Faeries, Nature Walk: Pillage & Plunder, Movie: Animals United, Finding our Colours.

Bardic Winners: Adult: Patrick Chapman, Child: Jessica Beasley

2014 ~ Gathering of the Tribes

Performers: Ginger Doss, Lynda Millard, Gypsy Ghosts, Autocratic Oath, Indigo Crush, Foxwood Rhythms, Enchanted Forest Feast & Bardic, Elemental Tributes.

Presenters: Braanwen FireCrow, Bree Raws, Kimi ‘Gypsy’ Bois, Chuck, Kristin, Sandy, Tameika & Fox, Tiffany Lazic, Tovah Chickee-Lalla.

Vendors: Goddess Energy, Gypsy Scents, Crafty Bitches, Bekka Twisted, Summerland Massage Therapy.

Adult Workshops: Being a Bard: A Poetry Class, Elemental Runes, Soul Sounding, Sweat Lodges, Drum Healing, Wilderness Vision Quest, Elemental Aromatherapy: Flowing with Water, Elemental Aromatherapy: Grounding with Earth, Elemental Aromatherapy: Soaring with Air, Elemental Aromatherapy: Burning with Fire, Twin Heart Meditation, Open Mic Jam, Huna, Wilderness Vision Quest, Meet & Greet, Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual, Gathering of the Realms: Unity Challenge, Embrace of the Elements: Empowering Your Artistic Skills, Frolicking with the Elements: Ritual Preparation & Body Art, Closing Ceremonies: Community Empowerment, The Ways of Avalon: Wisdoms of the Welsh Goddesses, The Real Secret: The Seven Universal Laws and How to Use Them, Hula Hooping: Connection with Your Spiritual Energy, Poi Spinning: Trancing the Circles, Massage for Couples:Finding the Magick in Your Touch.

Child Workshops: GTKY Games, Nature Walk: Scavenger Hunt, Drama Music & Play, Faerie Garden Banner, Morning Ritual Blessing & Meditation, Outdoor Free Play, Gathering of the Realms, Nature Walk: Exploring the Wetlands, Mirror Art, Nature Walk: Voyage to the Troll Bridge, Nature Pets, Nature Walk: Frolicking with the Faeries, Prayer Flags, Nature Walk: Pillage & Plunder, Movie: Animals United, Message Bottles.

2013 ~ Enchantment & Magick

Performers: Autocratic Oath, Mike West, IO, The Loner, Foxwood Rhythms, Enchanted Forest Feast & Bardic, Elemental Tributes.

Presenters: Alexandra Baron, Chris Labombard, Kimi ‘Gypsy’ Bois, Jeff & Leslie, Karl Sloman, Kritin, Shauna Aura Knight, Tameika & Fox, Tovah Chickee RMT,

Vendors: Goddess Energy, Gypsy Scents, Summerland Massage Therapy

Adult Workshops: Energy Work: Intensive Series, How to Create Your Festival Experience, Community Ritual, Smudge & Pipe Ceremony, Karaoke Dance Party, Sweat Lodge, Mocassin Making, Personal AM Ritual, Elemental Aromatherapy: Flowing with Water, Ritual Arts Intensive: Part 1, Movement Meditation: Hula Hooping, Energy Work: Intensive Series II, Ritual Arts: Put Your Skills into Practice, Temple of the Goddess Meditation, Native Traditions & Storytelling, Revel Tributes, Elemental Aromatherapy: Grounding with Earth, Ritual Arts II: Skills for Facilitating Trancformative Rituals, Poi Spinning: Sacred Geometry, Energy Work: Intensive Series III, Ritual Arts: Put Your Skills into Practice, Massage for Couples: Connecting through Touch, Women’s Ritual, Elemental Aromatherapy” Soaring witih Air, Ritual Arts Intensive: Part III, Experience Astral Projection, Energy Work: Intensive Series IV, Healing Crystal Cave Meditation, Elemental Aromatherapy: Burning with Fire, Ritual Arts: Intensive Series IV, Spell Writing, Introduction to Hand Drumming, Advanced Astral Projection, Self Love & Self Healing Ritual, Stumble through the Sumble, Energy Healing, Sacred Sound, Closing Ceremonies.

Child Workshops GTKY Games, Meet & Greet, Creative Arts, Outdoor Free Play, Water Play, Stories & Drama, Talent Show, Family Drum, Movie: Brave, Karaoke Dance Party, Nature Walk, Nature Game.

2012 ~ Becoming Bronze Alloy : 10th Anniversary

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Ginger Doss, Kellianna, Mike West, Cora Flora, Sharon Knight, Pandaemon, Foxwood Rhythms, Enchaned Forest Feast & Bardic, Elemental Tributes.

Presenters: Charlene Crough, Cora Flora, Firedance Drum Circle, John Huculiak, Kellianna, Kimi Bois, Kristin Dawn ‘Lady Selene’, Mike West, Soolah Hoops, Tameika & Fox, T Thorne Coyle, Tovah Chickee, Witchdoctor Utu.

Vendors: Angelyques Trinkets, Goddess Energy, Gypsy Scents, Magic Mountain, Magpie Delights, Pagan Murmurs, Tovah Chickee RMT .

Adult Workshops: Body Pendulum, Nature Spirit Music: Harmonizing with Mother Earth, Songwriters of the Universe: Exploring Music & Manifestations, Soul Singing: Discovering the Healing Power of Your Own Voice, Intro to Freestyle Drumming, Awareness Seminar 1&2, Meditative Tea Ceremony, Community Ritual: Latcho Drom Rota Baksheesh, Elemental Chant Workshop, Spirit Song: Freeing the Voice and Sounding the Spirit, Chakra Balancing 4-part Series, Chakra Voice: Cleansing your Centers through Music and Voice, Chakra Voice: Energizing Your Centres for Physical Change, Open Mic with Mike, Hoop Trance Dance Meditation, Family Fun Hoop and Drum Jam, Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony, Ritual Body Art, Couples Massage: Connecting with the Physical Body, Couple Massage: Connecting with Energy, Poi: Adding Movement to Your Spinning, Hoop Spinning: Isolations, Voodoo Workshop, Ritual of The Pentagram.

CHILDREN: This year we featured two tracks…one for children and one for teens. GTKY Games, Outdoor Free Play, Games Songs and Crafts, Nature Walk: Trolls Bridges and Offerings, Intention Flags, Nature Walk: Mother Earth Stones, Icecream & Board Games, Buddha Pots, Nature Walk: Well Dressing, Storytime: Sir Gawain & The Green Knight, Talent Show, Nature Walk: Photo Scavenger Hunt, Storytime: Little Ganesh & Holi Event, Nature Walk: Viking Raid Parade, Family Hoop & Drum Jam, Movie Night: How to Train Your Dragon, Dance Party. TEENS: Animal Meditation, Teens Meet & Greet, Silk Banners, Creating a Fire Offering, Teen Movie Night, Live Model Sketching, Mala Bracelets & Chanting, Discussion: Coming out of the closet in Highschool, Mele Tournament, Music Jam w Music Dudes, Bellydancing, Family Hoop & Drum Jam, Bind Rune Making.

2011 ~ Call to the Spirits

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Frenchy & The Punk, Kellianna, Mike West & Iain Swan, Cora Flora, Ana Winter, FoxWood Rhytms, Voodoo Ritual, Medieval Feast & Bardic Competition, Elemental Tributes.

Presenters: Amanda Huffman, Cora Flora, Edain McCoy, Firedance Drum Circle, Iris O., John Huculiam, Julian, Kellianna, Kevin Silverstag, Kimi Bois, Mike West, Natalie Rubyhill, Ron Chevarie, Sisters in Ritual, Tameika & Fox, TyTanya, Tovah Chickee, Witchdoctor Utu

Vendors: Angelyques Trinkets, Pagan Murmurs, Tovah Chickee RMT, Goddess Energy, Stitching Past Time, Wholeness Healing, Gypsy Scents.

Adult Workshops: The Middle Pillar Exercise, Intergrating the Shadow, Soul Singing, Automatic Writing, Mysteries of the Faerie Star, Pagan Leadership Intensive, Faerie Shamanism, Intro to Drumming, Your Astral Temple, Putting Up a Pantry, Awareness Semina, Meditative Tea Ceremony, Community Ritual: Latcho Drom Rota Baksheesh, Tree in the Minds Eye, Dionysus Ritual, Elemental Chant Workshop, Druidry 101, Aromatherapy: Creating Your Own Blend, Essential Oils for Magical Use, Aromatherapy Through the Seasons, Open Mic with Mike, Danse du Venture, 12 Mountain Mystery Brews, Celebrating Women, Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony, Smudge Making, Ritual Body Art, Ultra Meditation, Mens Ritual/Coming of Age Ceremony, Tribal Bellydance, Massage for Couples: Back, Massage for Couples: Feet, Paganism 101, Beginner Poi: Adults, Beginner Poi: Children, Intro to Hoop Groove, Voodoo Ritual, Voodoo Workshop.

Child Workshops Children: Games & Songs, Free Play, Interactive Storytime, Divination Station, Hiking: Rain or Shine, Make a Costume Piece, Talent Show, Make an Instrument, SOTEF Kids Parade, Faeries Sprites, and Gnomes Oh My!, Tree of Immortality, Trolls, Bridges and Offerings, Dragon Puppets, Dance Party. TEENS: Daily Challenge, Hurcules 12 Trials: Zodiac, Scavenger Hunt, Photo Scavenger,, Body Decorating, Divination Station, Mask Making, Poi, Stick Weaving, Beach Vollyball, Free Play, Music Workshop, Talent show, Drum Making, Bardic Practice, Tarot 101, Bardic Workshop, Bellydance, Nature Hike and Australian Bull Roarers, Dance Party, Bon Fire with Ranger Norm.

2010 ~ Into the Woods

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, GB Mojo, Kiva, Mike West & Iain Swan, Cora Lajoie, Ana Winter, The Niagara Voodoo Shrine, FoxWood Rhytms, Medieval Feast & Bardic Competition, Elemental Tributes.

Presenters: Aidan Sceotend, Alex Baron, Ariana, Conny Heesakkers, Diana Foster, Donna Conrad, Franco Minatel, Jenna Minerva, Jerry Moody, Kate Russell, Kimi Bois, Mama Jamie, Matthew Clooney, Raun Dupuis, Ron Chevarie, Sisters in Ritual, Tameika & Fox, Tiffany Lazic, Tovah Chickee, Ursa, Wendy Starr, Witchdoctor Utu.

Vendors: Faerie Moon New Age Gift Shop, Goddess Energy, Magical Dreams, Pagan Murmurs, Peanut Budder’s Boudoir, Red Lotus Henna, Sew Fine, Tovah Chickee RMT.

Adult Workshops: 13 Mountain Mystery Brews, 666 – Explained, Alchemy: The Beautiful Science, Ariana’s Chant, Astrology and Magick, Bellydance, Celebrating Women: Artemis to Aphrodite, Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony, Dragon Souls, Drum Making, Environmentalism is Pagan Fundamentalism, Essential Oils for Everyday Use, Fairy Walk, Fit Witch: Not Your Ordinary Sandwich, Henna Party, Herbology for Dummies, Local Food Starts in Your Backyard, Massage for Couples: Back, Massage for Couples: Feet, Medieval Dance for Beginners, Paganism 101, Palmistry 101, Palmistry 102, Paradigm Shifting, Pole Dancing for Beginners, Rise & Shine: Pilates, Rise & Shine: Yoga, Ritual Body Art, Ritual by Square Dance, Smudge Making, Spinning, Stumble Through the Sumble, Ultra Meditation, Unitarianism, Wisdom of the Crone, Writing Child Friendly Rituals.

Child Workshops This year we focused on the Celtic Pantheon each day, focused on a particular element of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. Opening Ritual, Tartan Placemats, Nature Walk, Talismans & Amulets, God’s Eye, Wishing Well, Water Relay, Palmistry, Marshmallow Fire, Shields, Magic Nuts (Tic Tac Toe), Bridgits Cross, Dragons & Knights, Crowns & Greenman Masks, Dragon’s Eye Rings, Childrens Bardic, Wode Painting/Stone Toss, Sheep Toss, Pictish Name Cards 1, Hammer Throw, Caber Toss, Pictish Name Cards II, May Pole Building, May Pole Dance, Scavenger Hint, Egg Carton Dragons, Dragon Finger Puppets, Alchemist Bingo, Closing Ritual.

2009 ~ Igniting the Flame

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Gypsy Nomads, Kristin Sweetland, Mike West, Castalia, Prince Bamidele Bajowa & The Niagara Voodoo Shrine, FoxWood Rhytms, Medieval Feast & Bardic Competition, Elemental Tributes

Presenters: Christopher Penczak, Catherine MoonLynx, Danielle King, David Turner, Diana Foster, Franco Minatel, Iris O, John Huculiak, Melanie Brown, Nina Barabas, Oakwyndhr, Raven, Ruthanne, Rob Night Wolf, Tameika, Fox, Tovah ondy, Ursa

Vendors: Faerie Moon New Age Gift Shop, Goddess Energy, Kuts & Kapes/Ritual Spaces, Fire Flash, Pagan Murmurs, Serenity Plus, Sew Fine, White Flame Candles.

Adult Workshops: Around the Wheel, Latcho Drom Rota Baksheesh, Ritual Body Art, Ascension Magick, Massage for Couples: Back, Ritual Drumming, Astrology in Ritual, Massage for Couple: Feet, Smudge Making & Cleansing, Awareness I: Beginning Steps, Meditative Tea Ceremony, SOTEF Ritual Jewellery, Awareness II: Revelations, Mens Ritual, Stumble Through the Sumble, Basic Drumming, Native Herbs, Summer Wild Flowers Walk, Body Energy Work, Nature Fit, Suppression of the Crone, Born Again: Past Life Exploration, Northern Italian Folklore, Sweat Lodge(s), Divination With Stuff, Paganism 101, The Witches Plant Familiar, Druid in the Woods, Preparing the Ways for Growth, Ultra Meditation, Elements & Tribal Bellydance, Quit Blaming the Fae, Voodoo Ritual, Free Your Feet, Rise & Shine: Pilates, Women’s Ritual, Gates of Witchcraft, Rise & Shine: Yoga, Yin-Yang, How to Start Your Own Cult, Your Spiritual Path

Child Workshops This year we focused on the Greek Pantheon each day, focused on a particular element of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. Soap Sculptures, Flees, SOTEF Kids Olympics: Foot Race, Medusa, Nature Walk, Nature Walk: Plants, SOTEF Kids Olympics: Chariot Race, Discus, Herb Garden, Perseus, Greeks & Romans, God’s Eye, Athena, SOTEF Kids Olympics: Obstacle Course, Abarisa, Prison, Fruit Bowl, SOTEF Kids Olympics: Pentathlon, Kickball, Harpy, Cyclops, Dove, Phoenix, Sponge Relay, Soccer, Scavenger Hunt

2008 ~ Establishing Our Roots

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Cass Marie & The Black Feather Band, FoxWood Rhythms, Kellianna, Mike West, Moonstruck Magic, Medieval Feast & Bardic Competition, Elemental Tributes

Presenters: Adam Boshart, Heather & John Duke, Carol Abrams, Carolyn Kindornay, Chris Marano, Franco Minatel, John Huculiak, Katie Cher, Kellianna, Michael Kaer, Ruthanne, Sean Wilde, Tameika & Fox, Tovah Bondy, Ursa.

Vendors: Aria Life Quality Enhancement, Earth Works Design, Faerie Moon New Age Gift Shop, glitt3rBOMB, Goddess Energy, Healing Hands, Kuts & Kapes/Ritual Spaces, Michael Kaer, Pagan Murmurs, Ruthanne Soutter, Sew Fine.

Adult Workshops: 5 Keys to Wellness, Active Tea Meditation, Breaking The Binds That Chain You, Connecting with Earth & Tribal Belly Dance, Down & Dirty With The Runes, Drugs, Trance & Magick, Easiest Way To Save Lives, The Ethical Eclectic, Experiencing The Elements, Express Yourself, Flowing Air With Tribal Belly Dance, Goddess Traditions of the North, Henna Party, Herb Gathering & The Lunar Cycle, Introduction to Energy Work, Introductions to Firepit Drumming, Introduction to Tai Chi, Juggling for Beginners, Living With Your Allies, Magick at the Hearth, Magick for Two: Couples in the Craft, Marchmallow Fire, Massage for Couples, Midsummer Chant Circle, Old Mother Hubbard…What in Your Cupboard, On Fire with Tribal Belly Dance, Paganism 101, Poi 101/102, Practical Solar Collectors, Smudge Making & Cleansing, Stars! Carmera! Astro-Play!, Stumble Through the Sumble, Urban Spirituality, Walking with your Allies, Waving Water with Tribal Belly Dance, Working In & Working Out, Worms, Composting & Organic Gardening.

Child Workshops This year we focused on a major Sabbat each day, these were Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain. Tissue Paper Snowman, Wild Life Nature Walk, Frozen Tag, Imbolc Chants, Winter Relay Race, Winter Picture Craft, Hole in the Ice, May Pole Dance, Stick Fetching Nature Walk, Heart Picture Frames, Beltane Chants, Stolen Hearts Game, Beltane Cards, Water Slide Play, SOTEF Kids Olympics: Crab Soccer, Frisbee Toss, Road to the Stars, Obstacle Course, Scavenger Hunt, Water Relay Race, Mask Making, Ghosts & Vampires, Graveyard Tag, Samhain Chants, Pirate Treasure, Samhain Creatures, Trick or Treating.

2007 ~ Becoming the Current

Performers: The Raflar Experience, Cass Marie, Mike West, Karaoke Dance Party, Bardic, Elemental Tributes

Presenters: Heather & John Duke, Carol Abrams, Caroll Halford, Catherine Cher, Deirdre Norman, Deò, Franco Minatel, Ishaya Ascension Centre, John Huculiak, Mandy Habermehl, Michelle Barnes, Nuhyn, Oakwyndr, Paul Donelan, Priestess Mist, Scott Ball, Stan & Trish, Tameika & Fox.

Vendors: Goddess Energy, Metanoia, Pagan Murmurs, Healing Hands.

Adult Workshops: Alternate Energy Discussion, Astroplay, Bellydance: Drum Solo Choreography, Bellydance: For All Shapes & Sizes, Blot to Odin & The Valkyrie’s, Dancing Through Life, Elemental Witchcraft, Energy & Surrender, Express Yourself, Faerie Discussion, Faery Ritual/Guided Meditation, Greenman: Harmonize, Energize & Earthwise, Henna Party, If It’s Broke…, Indepth Asatru, Introduction to Dowsing, Introduction to Firepit Drumming, Introduction to Poi, Journey to the Goddess, Latcho Drom/Narkri Chakano, Magick at the Hearth, Marshmallow Fire, Meet the Gods, Simple Meditation for Conscious Living, Smudge Making & Cleansing, Spiritual History of Tea, The Female Warrior, The Path to Wellness, Walking With Your Allies, What is Reality?, Working With Chakras, Yoga for Everyone!

Child Workshops This year we focused on a minor Sabbat each day, these were Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox. Cardboard Sun, Nature Walk: Plants & Trees, Water Slide, Play: John Barley Corn, Story: 12 Wild Swans, Tissue Flowers, Relay Race, Teen Talk: Reasons for Ritual & Basic Outline, Grain Art, Nature Walk: Wild Life, Fruit Bowl, The Story of Mabon, Pasta Art, Soccer, Teen Talk: Creating Sacred Space Invoking the Elements, Moon Craft, Nature Walk: Scavenger Hunt, Frozen Tag, Story: A Visit to Mother Winter, Snow Flakes, Dance, Teen Talk: The Working & Opening of the Circle, Herb Garden, Nature Walk: Water Life, Rainbow Tag, Story of Demeter & Persephone, Egg Painting, Swimming, Teen Talk: Perform Ritual.

2006 ~ Finding Your Path

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Mike West, Devin Johnston & SummerSoltice, Piercing Obsidian, Karaoke Dance Party, Bardic

Presenters: Brendan Cathbad Myers, Andras Corben Arthen, Amandha Dawn, Heather & John Duke, Carlos Nunez, Catherine Chester, GT Mediums, Helmut, Ishaya Ascension Centre, Jack McKeever, John Huculiak, Katie Gajdacs, Mandy Habermehl, Deò, Melanie Ollenberg, Oakwyndr, Olivia Proudfoot, Shannon Tremblay, Stephie Cyr, Tameika & Fox, Victoria Anisman-Reiner, Wolfgang Vincenti

Vendors: Blessed Arts, Discount Recovery Books, Escape Glass, Esoteric Collective, GT Mediums, Herb Guys Honey House, Herbal Legends, Inner Insights, Ishaya Ascension Centre, London Pagan Jubilation, Pagan Murmurs, Rahna’s Realm & Holistic Massage, Rayvin’s Eclectic Enchantments, The Sacred Circle, Victoria Anisman-Reiner, White Flame Candle Company.

Adult Workshops: Allabout Mandala’s, Angelic Reiki 101, A Photo Tour of Irish Sacred Places, Aromatherapy Remedies 101, Ascension Theory, Astral Projection, Belly Dance-For All Shapes & Sizes, Brain Gym & Energy Medicine, Contact Dance, Crystal & Color Healing, Developing Pagan Community, Druidry: A Philosophical Perspective, Empowerment Circle, Essential Oils, Exotic Dance, Exploring the Mysteries, Introduction to Spirit Communication, Intro to Palmistry, Ishaya Ascension, Journeys Into the Invisible World, Magick for Two: Couples in the Craft, Mantras, Mapping Your Lifecycle Patterns, Marshmallow Fire, Meditation, Metal Magic, Mobilizing Across Disciplines, Our Changing Plant: What is Acension?, Paganism & Ethics, Pagan Ritual Chants, Past Life Regression, Practitioner Heal Thyself, ROM: History & Culture, Seven Races of Mankind, Smudge Making & Cleansing, The Elements, Walking Your Life Path With Allies, Walking the Talk, Weaving Ones Faith, Which Witch is Which?, Yoga

Child Workshops This year we focused on different pantheons each day, these were Native American, Ancient Celtic, Egyptian, and Norse. Rhythm Makers, Trail Hiking: Chiefs, Story Telling & Nature Walk, Tarot, Earth-Mother Pictionary, Drumming Village, Masks & Crowns, Faires and Elves, Brighids Palmistry, Lugh’s Festival, Ice-cream Making, Woad Soccer, Oh Mummy!, Trail Hiking: The Nile, Storytelling & Scavenger Hunt, Pendulum of Isis, Toth’s Bingo, Mummy Game & Nile Slide, Brisingamen/Hammer, Trail Hiking: The Valkyrie, Magic Well of Runes, Snakes & Ladders, Lemo-mead & Bragg, Karaoke Party.

2005 ~ The Inner Trinity: Mind, Body, & Spirit

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Mike West, Songspell, Michael Moon.

Presenters: Dr. Shelley Rabinovitch, Dr. Sian Reid, Gus DiZerega Ph.D, Arva Gnostic Association, Betty Poulin, Bill Harlow, Catherine Chester, Dan Bergeron, Debbie Kirkland, Golden Triangle Mediums, Jim Findley, Khym Tourville, Niagara Voodoo Shrine, Tameika & Fox, Tribal Thunder

Vendors: Accents of Spirits, Dagoli Wearable Art, Devine Creation, Discount Recovery Books, Eagle Rock Creations, Evelyn’s Cauldron, Golden Triangle Mediums, Helmut’s Forge, Pagan Murmurs, Tribal Thunder, White Flame Candle Company.

Adult Workshops: Alternate Energy: Living Off the Grid, Ancient Civilizations, A New Way to Network Pagans, Beading Magick, Planning & Designing Large Rituals, Energy Healing, Getting to Know the Powers of the Earth, Guided Drum Circle, Healing Modalities, Indigo and Crystal Children, Introduction to Energy Work, Introduction to Reincarnation, Kabala & Alchemy, Living the Way of the Warrior, Mapping Your Lifecycle Patterns, Marchmallow Fire, Neuro-Acoutic Technologies, Pagan Parenting, Past Life Regressions, Return to the Devine Feminine, Ritual Music, Rock Hunting, Sacred Circle Dance, Smudge Making and Cleansing, Sweat Lodge (Men’s and Women’s), The Powers of the Universe, Thumpin’ With Thyle, Who are the Witches?, Wisdom Love Power, Yoga

Child Workshops Pebble Pets, Tiger & The Ox Game, The Farmer and the Goddess Story, Protection Meditation, Jewelry Making, Creating Inner Spirit, Play Time, Bird Feeder Making, Ribbon Dancing, Creation Mystery Story, Self Confidence and Control Meditation, Faerie House Making, Wand Making, Magickal Sachet Making, Firefawn Story, The Light Within Meditation, Ice Cream Making, Flubber Making, Energy Circle, A Healing Myth Story, Health Meditation, Bath Buddie Making

Bardic Winners: Frosty (Greg Currie), Ja, Mary Anne, Dr. Sian Reid, Lyndsay Houghtling, Kristin Houghtling, Marissa Houghtling

2004 ~ Uniting the Community

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Music for the Goddess, Riversong, The Big Picture, Streambabies, Sharon Bee,

Presenters: Dorothy Morrison, Shelley Rabinovitch, Kelley Armstrong, Amanda Huffman, Tameika & Fox, Hillary Moon, Hugh Dickie, Jeff Putman, Jinx & Carol, Kim Birch, Pagan Owl, Pam Snow, Ralph Lembcke, Rebecca Liston, Rikki LaCoste, Golden Triangle Mediums, Tribal Thunder, Wendy & Rich Sheridan, Niagara Voodoo Shrine.

Vendors: Accents of the Spirit, Discount Recovery Books, Four Directions Catering, Moon & Star, Pagan Murmurs, Pagan Owl’s Nest, Poi-O-Poi, Tribal Thunder, Goddess Energy

Adult Workshops: Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Beginner Meditation, Beginner Poi, Belly Dancing, Beyond the Veil, Creating an Effective Candle Spell, Divination for Daily Life, Dream Yourself Awake, Egyptian High Noon Sun Ritual, Egyptian Ritual Magick, Elements Balancing, Energy Clearing, Everyday Moon Magick, Everyday Sun Magick, Grounding & Shielding, Homeopathy for Health, Intermediate Meditation, Introduction to Hermetics, Just Start Drums, Karuna Reiki, Light Workers Open Forum, Living an Ethical Pagan Lifestyle, Looking Back – Moving Ahead, Making Magick-Marketing Music, Magick of Solomon – Goestic Evocation, Middle Pillar Ritual, Magickal Solution, Magickal Aromatherapy, Make Your Own God/dess Effigy, Meditation – We Are One, Mythology of Monsters, Negative Images in the Media, Psychic Self Defense, Qi Gong, Remember & Awaken, Swifting of Energy, Spirit Drum Creation & Blesing, Tarot – Path to Personal Awareness, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Voodoo, Wish Craft.

Child Workshops Nature Scavenger Hunt, Sandcastle of Dreams, Bread Toss, Creating Inner Spirit, Eye of Many Gods, Altar Making, Ribbon Dancing, Wizard Wands, Maypole Dancing, Costume Making, Paper Sun, Quiet Mom & Me Time, Meditation I, Meditation II, Magick Box, Making Music-Drum Circle, Wizard Hats, Celtic/Native Storytelling, Bubble Dancing, Jelly Bean Cauldron, Get the Squirrelies Out, Garden of the Faeries Parade, Elements Game.

Bardic Winners: Chris LaLombard & Shannon Lee, Scott Ball, Heather Dickie, Ariel & Kaila, Justine & Ariel.

2003 ~ First Annual

Performers: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Kristin Sweetland

Presenters: Judy Harrow, Trish Telesco, Janet Christensen, Kelley Armstrong, Arcana, Golden Triangle Mediums, Pagan Owl, Betty Glen, Jenna, Pankaj Seth, Candace Forgét, Krissy Richards, Randy Conrad, Deanna McTaggart, Kristy Gill, Rebecca Pallant, Donna C, Laura Wall, Roseann McKay, Dragon Ritual Drummers, Mary Vandenberg-Taylor, Ruth Davis, Gloria Jenner, Nuhyn & Oakwyndr, Tameika & Fox

Vendors: Angels & Avalon, Cosmic Energies, Pagan Owl’s Nest, Blue Skye & Merry @ the X’d Roadz, Heaven Scent, Paradox Metaphysical Products, Henna by Heather, Soul Guard, Mystic Bookshop, Time 4 Me

Adult Workshops: Angel Meditation, Dream Pillows, Pagan Parenting, Aromatherapy, Ear Candling, Pagan Public Relations, Ayurvetic Self Care, Exploring Your Past Lives, Reiki Introduction, Beginner Meditation, Geopathic Stress, Ritual Belly Dancing, Brewing the Gods’ Nectar, High Priestess Disease, Shamanism, Building Community, If You Can’t Make Waves…, Smudging, Chakras, Interfaith Tolerance, Songs & Chants, Coming Out of the Broom Closet, Intermediate Meditation, Tai Chi, Counseling Basics for Pagan Elders, Introduction to Energy, The Adept Path, Coven Operations, Kitchen Witchery, The Heart of the Drum Circle, Crystals and Gems, Magickal Potions, Tribal Awareness, Dimensional Thinking, Men’s Ritual, Women’s Ritual, Dowsing, Mythology of Monsters, Yoga

Child Workshops Pin Wheels, Windsocks, Spirals, Blow Painting, Prayer Flags, Bee Dance, Relay Race, Story Time – The Dead Moon, Wizard Wands, Lanterns, Healing Circle, Sacred Shields, Spear Toss, Sun Ball, Story Time – The Flame and the Well, Rain Shakers, Making Jewelry, Water Color Painting, Rain Hats, Wet & Wild Play Day, A Teens View on Paganism, Story Tiume – The Cauldron of Inspiration, Drum Making, Rock Painting, Wizard Hats, Sared Knot Game, Tiger & The Ox Game.

Bardic Winners: Pagan Owl, Gerry Davis, Pamela Reid, Mary McVoy, Laura Wall, Jordan F.

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