The Rules

We at Spirits of the Earth strive to create a safe, secure, and positive environment, where family and friends of all ages can come together, to learn, worship, and grow spiritually. We do not wish to prevent the enjoyment of our guests, but have put together these ground rules that we expect all our guests to adhere to. These rules have been put in place for the safety of our guests, the festival site, and/or the general enjoyment of all attendees. Those who do not respect the rules of the festival will be asked leave immediately without refund.

1) RESPECT: It is the responsibility of each and every person attending Spirits of the Earth events to conduct themselves in an appropriate and responsible manner. Please show respect to everyone involved in the festival, those sharing their workshops, and during rituals. No unruly, inappropriate or aggressive behavior will be tolerated.

2) SACRED FIRE:  The Sacred Fire will accept offerings of smudge or herbs.  No garbage or cigarette butts will be thrown into the sacred fire.  No new fire pits are to be dug. You may bring fire bowls as long as they are at least 6″ above the grass. Do not bring outside wood. GLASS is not permitted in the revel area.

3) MINORS: Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. The children that you bring are your responsibility, and are not to be left unattended. 

4) PETS: Please leave your “fur-babies” at home. As Spirits of the Earth is now hosted at OakHaven Homestead, for the safety of all in attendance and the farm animals, we will not allow pets on site. We do allow licensed service animals. **Please note you will be required to show their certification for insurance purposes.

5) FOOD: We encourage co-operative meals. There will be a communal kitchen pavilion area provided. This area will include a coffee maker, BBQ, induction burner, bar fridge and wash basins for your usage. The bar fridge does fill quickly, so be prepared. Please be conscious of others and maintain cleanliness at all times.

6) SMOKING: Is not permitted in any buildings. Please use the butt cans provided so we can dispose of them properly.

7) GARBAGE: We are all of earth centered traditions, so let’s try and keep the camping area and grounds as clean as possible. If you see litter pick it up. If you move a picnic table, please return it to where you found it.  Garbage disposal is not available, outside of what the homestead generates. Backpacker rules apply…tread lightly on the earth, take out what you bring in, and leave no trace.

8) PHOTOS: Please be aware of all within your lens…no pictures should be taken without prior consent. This includes Rituals and group photos. Please be advised that offenders will have the video/photo(s) erased.

9) ACCESS:  Please note that the main house is strictly off limits.

Warning: The sun will set three-and-a-half times faster than normal when you’re trying to set up camp.

We couldn’t agree more with our brothers and sisters over at Tribal Hearth, so we will also be implementing the below policies.

Spirits of the Earth is a community driven event, run by volunteers who willingly donate their time and energy for the enrichment of us all. We are dedicated to providing the best value possible for the best price possible. Unfortunately, admission prices are necessary in order to cover the basic costs of supporting such an event. Entry fees are directly tied to the cost of organizing and running the event. The other necessity are the volunteers. We couldn’t do this without you. So, don’t forget to sign-up for a shift and do your part to make this festival a community-driven success!

Our events are run by volunteers who are willingly donating their time for the enrichment of all our lives. If you have any questions or concerns with the event proceedings, please take an active role in enriching our community by volunteering your own time to provide a better solution to the problem. Identifying an issue is only the beginning. Magic isn’t the process of ‘wishing’ – it’s about taking an active role in shaping the world around us. It’s up to all of us to make our gatherings truly special.

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